Friday, April 18, 2014

Poop and Hashimoto Thyroiditis

I have so much to share.......

FIRST...I just got a check from a family in Colorado for $319 for Sonya's surgery!!!!!!!! That brings the total so far to $662!  So we are over my original goal but since the month is still young....Our NEW goal is $1000 for Sonya's surgery!!!!   I do know of several folks who have given on line to them also and thank you so much ( so actually we are at about $720 but I want to be able to really bless them so we are not counting that towards our goal, we are going to go OVER the goal for this little girl!)  I'm thrilled to be a part of this, what a blessing to be able to bless someone else. 

So you can give here....
or mail a check to
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl

When I opened the sweet card and read it, I just cried!  Thank you my friends in CO! 

Yesterday I did not vote for us!  I was so tired by the time I got home....
today's answer is TRUE

Well yesterday went great.  Sam had his swallow study first and he didn't have any reflux, but he did have some residue left over after he swallows, kind of caught in his upper throat.  Basically all he needs to do is eat slow and drink with his meal.  We will continue to use small straws so he doesn't take in too much liquid at once.

Sarah's swallow study was just about the same, she also keeps a little residue in her upper throat.  The tech also evaluated her for feeding therapy and of course recommended it.  She feels Sarah is now moving food around in her mouth and will learn to chew....ONE DAY!  She made me feel good and told me to keep gently introducing things to Sarah and that we were on the right track.  When Sarah first came home, she just swallowed, now she likes to move food around in her mouth while she is eating and she lick her lips which is like a big good sign:)   I had just started giving her popsicles and she is biting them off which is a great start for biting food!!!

We did get some surprising news.  The doctor had ordered a stomach xray and found (as she had suspected) that Sarah has a bowel blockage of poop.  She poops all the time and it is liquid.  We thought her bugs were back but the doc felt like she had an obstruction and was pooping around it.  She was right.  BUT Sarah is now on a clear liquid diet and is taking Mirelax every hour.....we have a poop house!  Already we have gotten out our steam cleaner.....I won't tell you what we had to clean but if you visit my house, you might want to be careful where you sit!  LOL

Sarah has been a trouper, I thought she would cry just getting liquids like chicken broth and jello but she is so sweet.  She is as happy as always.  I had even called the doctor's office this morning and asked what to do if she got really upset since food is important to Sarah (since she was so malnourished)  I didn't know if I could handle her being upset but she has been fine and we are offering her stuff all the time.  She eats pureed foods but they are very hearty stews, soups etc....not thin broth!

WELL.....I have BIG news.....
We went this morning to the hospital for me to have the thyroid biopsy.   The tech first did an ultrasound then the doctor came in to talk to me.  He said he did not think the things in my thyroid is actually a nodular but rather my own thyroid .  He said my thyroid is very misshapen and has a different look than most.  I told him the other doctor had said I had a disease that would cause my thyroid to quit working evidently.  THEN he said that explains everything!  He ordered another very in depth ultrasound and said I had every indication of Hashimoto Thyroiditis where basically my auto immune system is killing my thyroid and one day my thyroid will not work anymore. 

SO I did NOT have to have the needle biopsy.  The doctor said there was nothing that stuck out to him as cancer, I do have lumps all up in the thyroid but not those kinds of lumps.  He says he has seen this misdiagnosed before.   So now I need to find a really good endocrinologist for myself.   The ODD thing is my hormone levels are mainly been normal! 

I'm thankful that it doesn't seem to be cancer!  This diagnosis may explain all the pain & stiffness I have.  I push through it most of the time but I'm quite sore all over-especially my neck/shoulders area all the time.   Some days I'm sorer than others but it is always there.  I had just decided it was part of aging and carrying my little ones around. 

Well hope you all have a great weekend!

**** Update on Luke
he is off the vent and starting to respond to his family!  Please continue to pray for him!!!!!!!!


  1. No fun with all the poop stuff, but so happy to hear about no cancer!

  2. I have Hashimoto's too. I'm learning lots and mostly I've learned that most endo. Dr's don't know how to treat it! Going on the Paleo diet seems to help lots of folks. I'm going to try it soon. I just started Progesterone and NDT thyroid meds. I was on Synthroid but it did not work for me and I was allergic to Armour. There is a ton of information on FB about Hashimoto's. Thyroid Mom, FTPO - For Thyroid Patients Only (Gluten & Gut Health),Living With Hashimoto's Disease, Thyroid Sexy and a few more. It's kind of trial and error to see what works best for you. Everyone is different. Best advise I could give is keep a journal of your day, what you eat and how you feel. Praying Jesus heal you and restore health to your body!!!

  3. I have Hashimoto's too! Keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel each day. Go gluten free for a while and see if that helps. Go to FB and look up FTPO - For Thyroid Patients Only (THYROID TOPICS), Living With Hashimoto's Disease, ThyroidChange, Thyroid Sexy. There are a bunch of Thyroid sites and a ton of info. Most Endo. Dr's do not know how to properly treat a Hashimoto's patient and Yes your test usually come back normal with only a TSH test done. Praying for your complete healing!