Friday, April 11, 2014

Red Headed Woodpecker
Today's answer is TRUE

Do you think we could hit 10,000 by Sunday????????

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Let's keep giving to Sonya!   to give on her site or through the church at
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We have had $235 come in thus far......  our goal is at least $600 this month!  I know we can do it, every penny counts.  If you give on line, would you just drop me a line?  I'd love to tally up how much we give to them.  I want to see them fully funded!


Well another field trip day for me:)  My roommate from my college days has bought a house down here ...WOOHOO!  So today they came over and we went out to eat (of course) and then to the Hillsborough River State Park which is one of the prettiest places on earth.  I was so happy that they got to see a REAL FLORIDA Gator sunning himself on a rock, we saw a ton of lizards, squirrels, a turtle and a Red Headed Woodpecker.  We were walking on the boardwalk and he was working on a fallen tree limb below us.  It was something to watch him knock the bark off the tree and get the bugs inside.  I've never seen anything like that before.  He was so loud, it sounded like someone was trying to knock a tree down with a hammer. 

Oh pictures aren't wanting to load so I can see them, I will trust they will load after I save this blog, for some reason that works LOL

Well hope you all have a great weekend! 


Our nurse asked me to go cut some aloe off my plant.  She put in on Selah's lips/face area where she had bumps and they are GONE!  In the space of a few hours!!!!    so Aloe is a wonder drug!  I'm going to plant some more!


  1. Hi Yvonne,
    Myself and my family will be in Florida in July. We are staying in the Kissimmee/Orlando area and it looks like it is just over an hour to the Hillsborough River State Park. I was thinking of making a day trip to go there. Are there any suggestions or tips of things that we should see or exact places in the park that are your favourite to go?

  2. There is a canoe rental place there and that would be fun for you guys. In the summer there is a large pool that is open too. if you go during the week, there will be less folks there. Bring bug spray! It has several trails, my fav is the one by the river, it's only about a mile long but it is nice and "cool" but not too cool in July!!!! LOL You should be able to see gators in July. Have fun!