Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring pictures and Steve's graduation pictures

My friend Kandi who owns Twisted Oak Photography
did this photography shot for us.  She is amazing and really got the pictures that express our family.  Here is a few of the over 1000 we took yesterday:)  As you can imagine I 100% recommend her for family/graduation/parties/Christmas/baby (and anything else you can think of) photography shots!  she has great rates and great ideas to help you personalize your event.
Ok this picture just almost brings me to tears....I LOVE my Sarah so much!
Jon and me
Selah did so good, sweet girl!
My men
Shad on his tire swing
My girls!
my monkey:)
Our Brownie
Brownie with my other baby (the garden) in the background)
All of the above pictures were taken at home to make it easier on Selah.
Then we went to the Town Train Depot Museum for some pictures
this is my favorite one of Steve!  Love this!
Then on to Hillsborough River State Park, one of our family's favorite places in the world!




Don't worry we checked out the stump GOOD to make sure there were no critters in it! 
When we first got to the park, we were walking down the trail to the river and a snake went under our feet.  I usually do NOT wear sandals to the woods, but had them on, let's just say, everyone was more afraid of getting trampled by me than getting bit by the snake!  LOL!  Once we got a good look at it, we saw it was just a garden snake but when someone yells "SNAKE" and you have flip flops on, it's best to get your feet off the ground LOL!!!!


So this is just a few of the ones she took, I'm sure I'll be posting more:)  Hope you enjoy them, we just love them, they are precious!!!!














  1. I absolutely LOVE the pictures!!! Kandi is just the most amazingly gifted photographer. (Not to mention she has a heart of gold!) She couldn't take a bad picture if she tried! Shad in that stump is just sooo cute! And the sweet sweet smiles in the photo of you and Sarah, as well Sam alone are just too precious. Steve's pictures look amazing too! They're definitely photos to treasure!

  2. Your children are gorgeous.