Wednesday, April 16, 2014

St Pete

Thinking of Sonya today as we take Sarah and Sam to  All Children's Hospital for some tests.  Wish they could access health care for Sonya so easily.  Please give to enable her to have surgery!!!!
or give through Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
We took all three little ones for blood work this was not easy!   Makes me realize how important it is for us to get a wheelchair accessible van. 
answer is  Quality Assurance Program
I do have to thank a lady named Marilyn at the lab who was EXCELLANT!  She did all three of them, and no one cried!!!!!!   They all have to have bloodwork, vials of blood.  I couldn't believe how good this lady was at getting the vein the first time!  Wow!   I had been dreading it for them, not wanting to have 3 crying little ones but it was so easy!  This lady is amazing!
Sky Line of Tampa FL
Driving to St Petersburg FL across the Howard Franklin Bridge 

  Sarah and Sam had a big dinner and then a nice warm bath....
they are CRASHED out in our room
she does look a bit chubby here:)   LOVE that she is not my skinny girl anymore!

Steve called dibs on Sam so I have to sleep with my crazy girl who moves around all the time!

I can't imagine HOW Sarah's hair will look tomorrow LOL!
this picture below is taken last night
there was an owl on the church steeple!
today there was a circle around the sun here in Florida.
it was explained that there were crystal/ice around the sun or it was reflecting ...LOL  I don't remember exactly but it was pretty!


Thankful for a safe trip here.  Up early tomorrow for Sam's 8 am swallow study and then Sarah has one at 10:30.  The doctor wants to see if Sam is having reflux still.  And she really wants to see how Miss Sarah swallows.  Sarah will also have a feeding evaluation to check on how she eats and if she can every have the ability to really chew her food.  We still puree everything for her.  I don't mind doing it for her, but it would be best for her, to do it herself. 
It's been a long day, up early for the blood work, yard work at the church (thanks Gabe for all your help!) 1.5 hour drive to St Pete (With STEVE driving for the first time over here- over long bridges, construction and rush hour traffic- yeah I need an extra anxiety pill!)    We did drive around this area some, what a cute area, old houses redone, found a good place to eat a big supper and now I have sleeping little ones.  Tomorrow we're up early and then have to drive home......
PLEASE pray for Ukraine.  We think of that country and of all the ones we love who are there and we just pray that God protects them and protects Ukraine. 
Please continue to pray for Luke (car accident/coma) and Katie (attempted suicide)
Thank you!!!!



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  1. Love the St. Pete area--especially D&D Missionary Homes!