Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Journey of Life
Today's answer is the bottom one LOL  I forgot how it is worded!
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Got the first check today from Bonnie in Florida for Sonya (and the movie coupons THANKS!)  I've decided my goal to raise for her is $600.  I'd love to raise more, but I'm pledging  we will raise that much through the blog/church.  I've already donated but will donate again at the end.  SO you can give either through their website at  they are at almost 13,000 Euros!!!!!   Or you can mail a check to our church marked Orphan Care (again she is NOT an orphan-that's just the designation the church gives to what comes through my blog as it is usually for orphans)  and I will put it all on their account at the end of the month.  They actually have a paypal account that will take less or no fees that I'll be putting it on and then it will show on their other account.  I've asked if we can start posting that account info and am waiting to hear back from her mom.  I'll let you guys know.  Church info is 7060 Berry Road, Zephyrhills Fl 33540.  That gift is tax deductible and you will get a receipt at the end of the year.  

I'm excited about helping to raise money for her, have you read her story?  This little girl is in 24 hour pain if she awful....   You and I have the chance to really make a difference in her day to day a BIG way. It's not going to make everything perfect for her, she still will have physical issues BUT she won't be in horrible pain after this surgery is done.  From the little I've read, this is a surgery that takes place in the US all the time and helps so many kids to never get to this point of pain.  Let's do what we can to help.  I know we can't do everything for everyone in the world....but we know about this little one, let's change her life.  And don't feel bad about small gifts, every penny adds up!  I really believe God does something supernatural when we give to help others, I don't understand it, and I won't make a silly doctrine about it but there is a blessing in the heart when we help others and somehow God meets the need.  That is one thing I've seen so many times over.....


I have an urgent prayer request tonight.....

A sweet 18 year old girl, tried to commit suicide last weekend by using a gun.  Steve and her started preschool together, went to kindergarten and 1st grade together until the family moved.  Her mom was a teacher at the school and I cried when they left because she was to be Steve's 2nd grade teacher (instead we got a witch!)  Katie was Steve's first crush, we just thought the world of the family....  They are a great family, nothing odd about them.  But we all know depression is a horrible thing....I've been there as a teenager....had thoughts about suicide myself.....the teen years totally suck!  Please pray she is very critical right now, it is a miracle that she survived but things are very very serious.  My mind just goes back to that little girl I knew and that sweet family and it breaks my heart!  The family is remaining strong in their faith in God.  The dad is a pastor, a very loving and kind pastor.   The mom is someone you'd just love to be friends with, so pleasant and great to be around.  And Katie was a sweetheart back then and from the comments on her page, STILL the same sweet girl, just battling her demons....  Pray for them please.....

Thank you all for all the prayers for our family and for caring about things I share on here about others....Life is hard, it is a journey, and one thing is true, we can help each other on this journey of Life.   Thank you! 

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