Sunday, April 13, 2014

Upper Hillsborough River Basin

the answer is TRUE for today Sunday!
 Give to Sonya's surgery!
We had $20 come in today through the church which brings the total up to $255
And someone messaged me that they gave through her site- $35!  Woohoo!!!   to give on her site or through the church at
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
So we went back to the woods today after church (which was great) and lunch (which was great too)
Today I took a camera and we tried a better trail!  Lo & behold, we found a much easier way to walk in.  It's still a good 45 minute walk to the river, but it's on a better trail NOT surrounded by palmetto bushes!  This is real woods, and I'm careful of snakes.  I'd hate for one of us to get bit back in there, it would take so long to get help.  Jon carries a staff that a friend of ours had made for him.  Back in the deep woods, I'm glad he has it with him.  I actually was hoping he'd take a gun with him but since it's a wildlife management area, that only allows hunting certain times of the year, we wouldn't want to get in trouble for having a gun.  We're going to look into that, a pistol  might be ok, and a rifle not ok.   It can get spooky out there sometimes!
 Well I hope the pictures load up right, I can't see them at all  Just blue frames.  I'll come back in tomorrow and edit them and put an explanation to some of them.  It was fun, very hot, lots of mosquitoes who just loved me but good to get out and exercise. 



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  1. I can see the pictures just fine. What a beautiful place, it actually looks a lot like Western Oregon.