Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walk in the Woods
Today's answer is A & B

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Whew!  This morning I went with Jon to the woods.  He  wanted to show me where the River is risen and is flowing under the raised train tracks....just a "little "walk....ONE hour later.....we got to the river and it was beautiful.  So sorry I didn't  take my camera, so very sorry because I will have to go back to take pictures.  What a walk....then an hour out....sweat pouring down my face.   My aunt always told me NOT to walk through or near palmetto palms as rattle snakes like to be up in them....guess what we walked through?  Acres of palmetto palms!   I had worn jogging shorts so my legs were getting whipped.  He wears jeans and a long sleeved shirt (I do not see how he stands it) 

Anyhow for a old man, 50 years old, he can hustle through the woods.  I'm already hurting LOL.  It was like walking on beach sand most of the time and you know how wearing that is.  But we got some good exercise!

Then I had to go to the store and since I was in town, I had a pedicure, I'm almost certain the ladies were talking about my dirty feet!  LOL  But I got nice red toe nails now:)  I almost fell asleep during the pedicure I was so tired.


Have a good weekend!

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