Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekends Rock!
answer is:  mobility manufacturer

Don't forget Sonya!  I had another check come in to day from North Carolina so we are up to $120 in checks thus far.  give on her site or through the church at
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540

Yesterday we spent the day at a friend's house.  fun times, my son Shad now loves horses.  Me? I'm not a big horse fan.





By the evening, Shad was riding on his own and even doing some cantering.  He is a fearless child!
Today the guys worked on the yard.  Steve weeded the garden and around it without being asked....will wonders never cease?  Shad worked on the yard some, not quite as good attitude.   But they both got rewarded by getting to go to the new Captain American movie tonight.
My garden is beautiful!

Cooked collards:)  Fresh from my garden

I love the garden:)  I have a friend who is thinking about putting in a garden with us to help, and I'm so excited to do it!    It's really my only skill like that and I just love doing it.  It makes me happy!!!
Lots of prayer requests......
Please continue to pray for:
Sonya from Ukraine
my friend's grandbaby, Sabrina
Also please pray for Katie our friend who tried to commit suicide.  She is still in very very critical condition.  Her family is strong and there for her.  Please pray for all of them. 
And as always please pray for Selah.
And a new prayer request.........
the cop who was the one who took me from the accident scene to Strong's hospital ER- Denny fell this winter and is still not able to be back to work.  Being a cop is his dream, it's what he wants to do with his life.  Can you please pray that this kind man, be healed so he can go back to work! 
Thank you all for your prayers and kindness.  


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