Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Habitat for Humanity

So we have some big news:)   I got a call yesterday from Habitat for Humanity.   At some point last year I had applied to them.  At the same time we had applied to another first homeowner's program and got turned down.  We got turned down because we have no credit.  Since I quit work, over a decade ago, we paid off all our debts and credit cards etc.....  we knew we would have to live debt free with a much smaller income.  So, we thought that was a GREAT thing....it is NOT in the world of credit!  So I assumed  that Habitat for Humanity would turn us down also....evidently they did not:)

So I had to bring in some more documentation today and meet with a sweet caseworker.  We discussed the size and logistics of our family.  Normally we would be looking at a 4 bedroom/2 bath home but since Selah needs a handicapped accessible bathroom-which would mean a shower, and Sam has to have a bathroom with a tub not a shower (he can't get water in his eye with the artificial cornea)  we are looking at a different floor plan.  The master bedroom has a small bathroom with a shower also so we have to have one with a bathtub for him.  Maybe a 5 bedroom/3 bath or even a 6bedroom/3 baths.  We certainly have the people to qualify for it! 

I got to meet the guys who work on the building plans and also the administrator for our county.  Everyone was so kind and took the time to talk with me. 

So now I have a couple of more documents to get in tomorrow morning and then everything goes to someone who looks at our income & outgo to see if we qualify.  they also do a background screen- no problem there!   Then the board meets next week and makes a decision!  So we should know something next week!  Please pray that we find favor!

There is a property specifically mentioned for us IF we qualify.  I went and saw it today....couldn't resist.  It is PERFECT for us!   The front yard is beautiful with big trees and so shady perfect for the play yard.  The backyard is sunny and perfect for my garden!  The whole property is ringed with older trees including some pine trees my favorite trees in the world:)  There is an old unfinished house on the site that will be torn down.  There is also a detached garage that they will remodel, it would be perfect for all our storage.  We have so much medical stuff that we have to have, but we don't always use.  It is down a dirt road....and then down another dirt road....  It's across the street from a little swamp LOL!   You know we live in the swamp!  I LOVE THE COUNTRY!  I was out there with one of my best friends and then with the family and neither time did another vehicle go down the road!  LOVE that! 

So the way it works is we (our family) puts in 200 hours of sweat equality and then we ask our friends/church/co-workers to also put in 200 hours of sweet equality.  That work is equal to our down payment.  Then we pay a monthly mortgage, for 30 years until it is paid off. 

We are excited and think this might just be God's provision for our family.  I'm trying really hard to keep my excitement in check until we know if we qualify.   More than anything I'd love for Selah to have her own room and adjoining bathroom.  I want her to be as comfortable as possible.  And you can believe our nurses are just thrilled!!!!!  They are as excited as we are:)    They love their Selah and want everything perfect for her. 

What an exciting day for us! 

The van contest is almost over, we are over 11,000
the answer today is TRUE!  Thanks for all the votes, we feel LOVED!!!!!!!!


I have some very sad news to share with you all.....

Shelly and Brian Burman's sweet baby Benjamin died Sunday morning.  He was a two year old bundle of happiness.  I never saw a picture of him that he didn't have a big smile on his chubby face.  He has many special needs.  The picture above is him just a couple of weeks ago.  He couldn't sit unassisted and he was a tiny little guy for 2 years old but what an adorable chub!  He had an inoperable heart defect as well as other special needs.  The whole family had/has a wicked tummy bug and that might have aggravated the other issues.  He died in his sleep.  The family had adopted him domestically and he'd been with them since leaving the hospital at birth.  Please keep this family in prayer as they walk through this time.  I can imagine their pain, but I have not had to lose a child that I had loved for 2 years.....

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