Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014!

Love being a mom to my five blessing- they each have a story of how they miraculously came into our family both by birth & by adoption. Each story is unique, each story is unusual & I love it! You know we can't do things like everyone else:) Thank you God for Steve, Shad, Sam. Selah & Sarah! I'm BLESSED!

I love this selfie my bearded baby took of us.  I still remember our first Mother's Day with him while we were living in NYC!  I was THRILLED to be a mom:) 
After 6 years of marriage, I really didn't know if we'd ever have kids, and was SHOCKED beyond belief when I found out I was pregnant.  I never knew that baby I was carrying would bring me the joy he has.  I've enjoyed him from the day he was born, through all the stages, which were easy with him, to today, growing up, getting ready to graduate.....  He gave me a very easy introduction to motherhood:)

My boys!

me, Sarah and Jon
We ate at Cracker Barrel on our way to visit a church member in the hospital.  I usually hold myself back but hey it's Mother's Day so I got fried shrimp, hushpuppies, and 2 servings of fried okra.  Plus biscuits and honey.....YUM!
As you can see, my family can't quite stay up with me when it comes to southern food....This is what the backseat looked like on the way to Tampa!

This is not staged and I almost wrenched my back to get this picture!  I do believe Shad is his father's child LOL!!!!!
Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!  If you are a mother, Happy Mother's Day.  I know for many Mother's Day is hurtful, it was for me for many years.  When I was a child, I didn't' have a "real " mother and that was embarrassing  (although I loved my aunt)    Then as an adult, I didn't have children for many years.....I know the sting.  We just do not make a big deal of Mother's Day at our church.  I guess knowing the sting that many women have felt, we realize it is a sensitive area.  The church we pastor, used to do a full big production for Mother's Day and I saw several women grieving for various reasons.  Over the years, we've scaled back and it's mentioned, but not promoted.  It really happen unconsciously, and now I'd certainly find it hard to start emphasizing it.   I think we are at church to have our  minds on God, not earthly relationships...that's just my opinion, based on years of knowing how some can be hurt on Mother's Day.  It's probably a different perspective, but it's where we are more comfortable.  Y'all know I LOVE being a mother, but I see church as more a time to focus on God and our relationship with Him.  Go out afterwards and celebrate your mom.....
Totally off the beaten path here.....but I REALLY feel a church service and sermon should be devoted to God.  I'm not comfortable with any Non spiritual emphasis such as the 4th of July or Father's Day, Mother's Day....preaching about politics, anything like that....
When we were in NY and Selah was so sick in the hospital, we went to a church and the preacher 's WHOLE sermon was on the upcoming 2012 election.  I was so broken inside, I didn't give a fart about who the president was going to be at that point (and I find all that interesting)  But you see, that pastor didn't know a broken hurting mom sat in his congregation that morning. All he cared about was getting his views across (and I agreed with most of them, but it was not the time or place)   When we left I wryly said to Jon "Good thing I didn't need a word from God this morning" 
So in the same sense, you do not know what pain someone is bringing to church with them.  Maybe they don't need to be reminded of losses.....of their mom, of a child, of infertility, .......  they need to hear a word from God that will give them the strength to carry on.....
Ok off my soapbox......
Please pray for our church member and dear friend Connie.  Her husband is our Spanish pastor and they both volunteer in the prison ministry on a weekly basis.  She has worked with Jon for years (having just retired from the prison as administration)  She cared for the inmates when she worked with them and she still does as a volunteer.  She loves my kids, Sam usually sits with her during church now......Anyhow she has a brain tumor that is causing seizures.  At first it was thought to be non cancerous now, they don't' know.  She is having surgery tomorrow at 1 pm.  PRAY that the doctor can get it all out and that it is not cancer.   She is such a blessing to so many people and dearly loved by her family.   We were able to go and sit with them in the hospital today, her room was a room full of joy as she recounted stories of how God had worked miracles in their lives, brought her and her husband together, how she became a Christian.....just uplifting and precious.   If you heard all the laughter and praises in that room, you'd have NO idea anyone in there was going to have brain surgery in less than 24 hours!  God be with her is my prayer!!! 



  1. Praying for dear Connie today, for her spirit to continue to boost her and her faith to carry her through this. I love your thoughts on Mother's Day and church. We experienced the hard part of that today as we sat and heard all the great things about moms and how hard they work, and the people who have recently lost their moms, but not one word about those of us who are moms but don't have our children with us to celebrate the day. Very hard to take that glaring oversight! Thankfully we know the One who never leaves us alone even when man can be kind of insensitive. Wish I lived close by....I would be attending your church! ((HUGS))!

    1. I agree Mother's Day is filled with too much emotion, celebrate with your family and leave church set apart for God. I know so many who have cried through Mother's Days sad!
      WIsh you could attend too:)