Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Day to Vote-----two years ago HOME!

This is the last day for voting for Selah in the wheelchair accessible van contest!!!!!
Today's answer is TRUE!
Thank you all for the time and effort you made to vote, we've had over 11,000 votes!!!!

We went and got a hitch put on our van today, first step towards getting a trailer for hauling our kayaks.  I've gotten very tired of trying to put them all in the van and the back being open.  The last time we were kayaking it was just crazy! 

Sarah got the xray for her tummy to make sure she is not impacted anymore.  Lord knows I hope she is fine because I do NOT. EVER. want to have to do a TWO days of Mirelax with her again!!!!!!
Shad also got a "pee" test done.  He thought it was funny.  He is going to start taking a pill to help him stop bed wetting.  Since his surgery last year he has almost quit.  It seems to be a physical problem more for him than anything.  We were BOTH excited to hear about this medicine! 

We got home to find out Selah's hospital bed has quit working or at least the head of it has quit working.  So I called the company and she'll get a new one on Monday.  In the meanwhile, we have turned her around in bed since she likes some elevation of her head.  When I came in, she was lifting her head up and seemed a bit ticked off:)  I LOVE when I see her show anything-even irritation! 

So it was a long day and we went out to eat for Mother's Day since Sundays' tend to be quite busy for us.  Sarah ate THREE bowls of Pasta Fagolia soup at Olive Garden.   The waitress seemed surprised.  I love OG since they will puree the food for her.  It makes her very happy. 

Thankfully this morning I started a beef stew in the crock pot- crock pots are so very wonderful1
And so easy
potatoes, carrots, an onion, celery, and some stew meat pieces
I use a packet of "beef stew flavoring" and I use beef broth to give more flavor AND a lot of pepper:) 
Cook it for 8 hours and YUM!
Today is two years since we came home from Ukraine with our girls.
I love this picture taken the day before we left Ukraine
Sam, Jon and Selah taking a nap in our Kiev apartment.
Who knew in just a few weeks that the three of them would be involved in an accident.  Look how Selah is holding Jon's hand, so sweet.  I'm so glad I took this picture, I was afraid I'd wake them up but I didn't and I got this sweet picture!


Look I'm still smiling in between Selah and Sam somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean:)

Jon held Sarah the whole trip basically.  She was a snuggle bug!

Sam is quite the world traveler:)  Sitting by Steve

Selah did not like the seat belt!
Finally in Tampa!

All the kids together in the van!

Selah finally in her crib!

Sarah in her crib, sound asleep on her tummy
she doesn't sleep like that now but did for months.

Sam had a matching crib

So glad my girls are home, their region is in turmoil now and I doubt their adoptions could have been thankful for being able to get them home!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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