Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Yuri

Well our grand total for Sonya's surgery was $1002, my good friends from New Zealand (NOT Australia -they used to live in Australia but moved home) tried to mail a check but it got returned and had been opened and tampered with so they'll give online.  I was waiting to close this out for that.  So our grand total giving through the church/blog was $1002!  Then I know of at least $200 that went directly to their site also:)  Thank you all for being a part of this.  You can still give on line at   and if anything else comes in through mail, I will make sure they get it:)   I was able to send it after several false starts!  Me and paypal have issues......  It came to 704 Euros:)   Thanks friends for being part of this!!!!  I just looked and they are close to their halfway mark!!!!!!!!  Pray that they will reach it and if you want to you can still give on line!!!!!!  Please feel free to:)  I'd love to see them hit the halfway mark soon!

For the month of May we will be fundraising for little Yuri  This is his FB page.  Saving Baby Yuri,  A Journey of Hope  You can go like it and keep up with things on there. 
His story is here....
Again you can give directly  or it can be sent through the church.  I give the church as an option as I have a few people who do give monthly to whatever situation I'm raising money for.  So I know I'll always have something to send directly and some folks rather write checks than send on line.  This family is RUSHING to get this little guy home,  Yuri has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic connective tissue disorder that causes skin to blister and slough off at the slightest touch, leaving painful wounds that must be covered and cared for to avoid infection and further damage to the skin.
I've read about this and it is a hard disease, many children die young from this.  Please pray that this sweet family can reach him in time and that he will have every opportunity to get better.  Their case is being fast tracked because of his great need! 

We are experiencing quite the rain event.  Since this morning, my rain gauge says we've gotten 2 inches and we still have 24 hours to go of rain.   I LOVE rain- I hate that this system has caused so much havoc throughout the US but now it's just a lot of rain.  Sometimes I worry that there won't be rain in heaven, I love rainy days, love the smell of rain, love misty showers to heavy thunderstorms.  Florida has a lot of rain and where we live seems to get even more than the rest of the state and that is fine with me.  Every so often we get this nice misty rain, reminds me of the mist that comes off Niagara Falls.  I just love it, we had it the other day and to watch it, just refreshes my soul!

The boys are off to see the Amazing Spiderman 2!  It was filmed in Rochester NY while we were there in 2012.  They were so excited about going because they like Spiderman AND because it was filmed in Rochester!  Shad came in to tell me goodbye twice, the second time I told him to take my debit card and he told me "Mom I already got it the FIRST time I came in"  that little sneak:)  Got to love them!  Since Steve has started driving more, Shad sure has gotten a real social life going on:)  Our hearts are often on the situation in Ukraine.  Two years ago we were in all those places you hear of on the news...  Donetsk and the Donetsk region is where the girls were from and where we spent so many weeks.  Donetsk is the city Sarah was born and abandoned in....Selah was from the next town over....places we've been.  Even government buildings we went into, now are controlled by Russian forces.  (I believe Russian forces not just pro Russian Ukrainians)  It surreal to us to watch the news and recognize places....  We just pray for the people of Ukraine, the many dear friends we met there, believers.....we pray for the orphans, it is so hard to think of all that must be happening now.  Things were not easy there before war.....can't imagine how things are now!  Please pray for peace and freedom for the people of Ukraine!

Monday will be two years since the girls' "gotcha day" the day we took them out of the orphanage/mental institution  If we were there now, I doubt it would be happening!  Not only do you have the whole court and adoption proceedings but the day before you get the child out, you have to run around and get all the paperwork done for their new  We also had to pick up their passports etc...  Basically you go from office to office, town to town dealing with everything.  It would be impossible to do at this juncture in that area. 

The funny thing is we were told then that civil war was coming to Ukraine.   There is a big difference from Kiev to Donetsk....major differences that we could tell.  One BIG thing was the statues of Lenin, in Kiev, there was one....even in the small town of Torez, where the mental institution was, there were many statues of Lenin....from the town square to out in the woods....literally.....and since we were there on May Day, we saw many flower tributes to him places at his statues.   We love Ukraine, there was such a feeling of being "home" for us there, I can't explain it......
answer today is STEERING CONTROLS
just a few more days left for voting!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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