Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Hope everyone had a good weekend~

On Memorial Day we went and visited Jon's dad at the hospital.  Please be in prayer for him, he is still having a great deal of difficulties.  I'm thankful he seems comfortable and that he is loved and watched over closely.  He really has been like a father figure to me as well.  He's been a faithful father to his children and his wife.  And he certainly taught my husband by example how to be a great dad. 

That night we went to our close friends home and had a cookout with them and some other family members.  I say this all the time but there is nothing like having life long friends who've been there in the good and bad times.  When we first got married, there was a group of us, all newly married.  Most of us knew each other from college days also.  We've all remained friends to this day, over 25 years of friendship, it's precious...we don't always agree, and we can pick at each other (my little bro in law is part of that group and he is CERTAINLY the "little brother I never had" LOL)  but we love each other!  But it's all sweet..... here is a picture of some of my favorite teens in the world:)

My dear friend and former roommate in college did a video presentation for Steve's graduation party that is so amazing.  I've watched it about 20 times and just feel so much emotion every time.  I'll post it on here following his graduation Saturday.  It captures the last 18 years so sweetly. 

So Steve is graduating Saturday, we are having a ceremony with some other homeschool grads from our church.  It's a surreal feeling for me to think his school days are over (of course unless he goes to college) 

My advice for young moms...
1.  Take LOTS of pictures (you want some good ones for his slide show)  this is the #1 thing!

2.  the days are long but years are short

3.  ENJOY your child and treasure each day

4.  Make memories-you don't have to spend a ton of money to make memories!

For us we committed to keeping Steve in private school when he was very young.  To be honest, my husband had a stronger conviction than I did in the beginning.  I worried about the "MONEY" or the lack of it!  But we just started with kindergarten and took one year at a time and God provided.  Steve finished his last two years out as a home schooled student, using the same curriculum as his school did because while we were in NY with Selah, he had to go under a "umbrella" for testing purposes so we used a Christian company, Lighthouse Christian Academy.  So he did his work and sent it in to them for grading and keeping tabs on.  Their subject curriculum was different than the private school he attended here.  So since he did his junior year under them, he would have had extra classes (just different ones) to take if he went back to the private school.  He still got in the state required classes and then some but it was just simpler for us.   I admit I've enjoyed him being home, not only is he a huge help but it's been a time that we've talked a lot, and got to do some fun stuff during the school day with other home school families.  If you home school like we did, we bought our curriculum so it's like being in a private school in that sense.  It's not "free"   In some ways I'm very happy with his school years.  The first school he went to preschool-4th grade had a very hard curriculum and I think it gave him a good base.  The one he went to from 5th grade- 11th grade and the curriculum we used for 11th & 12th grade is not my favorite but it is very strong in English grammar, reading comprehension and that is my strong area and I feel if one has good comprehension skills one tests well and picks up new skills easier.  

Steve's got a lot of "life skills", maybe a bit too much of life skills but I feel he is well rounded emotionally and ready to face life.  In that area, he is much more mature than his dad or I were!    I love that he has traveled with us and seen so much.  He certainly has learned life is not easy, but he's learned how to cope with the things life has thrown our way.  As you can tell, we are just a little proud of our boy. 


Update on Sonya-she had the surgery and is doing fine.  The parents are very happy with the results but pray for her post op pain and care.  I'm so thankful to God that He provided for this little girl's surgery and that we could be a part of it! 

Connie had successful brain surgery on the tumor. She still doesn't have the whole pathology report but is scheduled for chemo so we know it is cancer.  Please pray for her, we just love her very much.  She has been such a support for my husband in the prison ministry.  She is busy working for God.....she even cleaned our church!  She told me she knew I'd be praying hard for her to get better!!!! 

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