Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MRI & Ticks & Amobas

Selah had an MRI today to see if there has been any negative changes in her brain.  We won't get the results for a few days, it has to be compared to the other MRIs she has had since the accident.    Selah did fine, just got upset when we got home & had to have some meds. 

Since I had the old MRIs with me, I walked down to the doctor's office a half a block or so from the hospital to give the CDs to the doctor, while Selah was in the MRI.  It was a beautiful day, but I had already told Selah's story a half of dozen times so I was fighting tears walking to the doctor's office.  It never gets easy to tell the's a Cinderella story.....  a little girl rescued from an adult mental institution....a little girl that was not originally part of our adoption plan.....the homecoming, the wonderful few months that she got to experience so many new things....then the first family trip....and the accident....everything stops then....the Cinderella story with the wrong's still so raw to me.

Then on the way home, we stopped to pick up Shad and then we took the nurse and Selah out to see the property.  The nurse was thrilled with the location (it's closer for all our nurses)  he was ready to move us out there today LOL  This was the first time I've taken Selah out to the site, we didn't get her out since there are a lot of bugs- specifically horse flies that I believe come straight from hell!  I got bit again today out there.  I'm sure when all the bush is cleared, there will be less horse flies.  This is just the time of year for them, we have some here at our house too. 

Poor Shad came in from outside and told me he had a tick in a "sensitive spot"    I was ready to go to the ER with him but he wanted me to try and get the tick off with tweezers.....I got my magnifying glass and tweezers, and got it first try THANK GOD!  I had told him if I could not get it the first time, we were going to the doctor!  Yes we live in the country......THAT was a first!!!!!!!!!  Poor baby!   Although he took it like a man and laughed about it, he is a tough boy!

Well we got a phone call from Walmart and now I can go and "rebuy" my kayak.....going after supper to get it!  Geez....I was so wasted by our trip, I didn't even have the energy to fight anymore, glad they called me! 
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It was made to educate people about water amoebas by one of Sam's doctors.  He & his wife lost their son to this disease -  Amoebic Meningitis. 99% lethal. 100% preventable.  As you know I grew up in Florida, been in all kinds of water, when I was young I didn't care, dirty pools of friends....etc....  (I also swam in many lakes where I could see gators all over....just plain craziness. )   Well now I know about this amoeba that is in lake water, dirty pools (even clean looking pools) etc....  Even springs are not excluded although the doctor did say if the temp is under 80 degrees chances are slim that the amoeba will grow there.   Salt water is safer.   It's best to wear nose clips....we've stayed out of lakes since their son died and been careful of pools too but now I'm going to push my kids to wear nose clips.  Wish me luck!   Please take the time to read, nothing will bring the Dr Gompf's son back but they want to prevent others' deaths!   And I just want to say I appreciate this doctor so much, he took great care of Sam over the years when he was in & out of the hospital constantly.  I liked Dr G because he is a doctor who listens to parents' concerns.  I was just devastated for them when this happened, it actually happened while Sam was in the hospital-a different hospital.  Everyone was so sad for them.  As a parent, I am glad to know the information they are sharing to help prevent other deaths.  God bless them! 

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  1. I just wanted to say that I was so pleased to read that you are one of the semi-finalists in the van competition, and even more so to read that your family will be getting your own house.