Friday, May 23, 2014

Off the Chain!

Ok today was just an "off the chain" day!

Got up early, had so many plans....but....Sam found my glasses and broke them while playing with them.  I was in the shower.  He is into everything, just like a toddler.  So that changed everything.  Jon was already out in the woods, so Steve had to drive me to New Port Richey, an hour away.  We go to St Luke's Eye hospital.  Somehow it had been FIVE years since the last time so I had to have a full eye exam.   Honestly I thought my eyes had gotten worse but there hadn't been too much change, the bottom part of my bifocals are going to be stronger so maybe I won't need a magnifying glass to read.  Yes I use one after I've read for awhile because if not, my eyes start hurting.

St Luke's is great for adults, they did some new things to me today.  Gone is the air in your eye to test for glaucoma, now they put a drop in to deaden the eye and then touch it with a little machine.  For someone who gives a bzillion eye drops, I found it quite hard to TAKE the two eye drops!  And as far as them touching my eye, I "had a moment" where I had to calm down.  I kept thinking of  poor Sam who has had so much done to his eyes....  Then I think they over dilated my eyes....OMG I looked like I was as high as I could go.....

So with all this, I got so nauseated.  I have terrible terrible motion sickness and having on my prescription sunglasses for too long makes me sick, I can not stand the tint.   Then throw in all the tests, I was afraid I was going to barf!  They don't have an optical section there so I took the prescription to Walmart in our town....well.......

By the time I got there, it was all I could do not to throw up.  I walked in with Sam and this girl and mom who were standing up at the register were staring so hard at him.  I said "please don't stare at my child so hard"  I should have just thrown up on them, that might have discouraged their staring!

Then as I was finding a frame, Steve goes to pick up a few things (cat & dog food so we are not killed in our sleep)  I had the debit card so once in line he had to run over to me.  I didn't know I had the card, thought it was in the car, so Shad is running around, till I find it in my pocket.  Remember the WHOLE time I feel like I'm gong to since it took so long, we thought the cashier had deleted his stuff so all the kids came in the optical area and waited with me.

Found the frames, did all the measuring....and BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they found an old frame to put my old lens in so I didn't have to wear my prescription sun shades until the new glasses get in.  It's hard to get used to them, they are a bit off and things are blurry around the sides of them but I think I can make it! 

So I pay for the glasses and then  remembered we needed shampoo, I walk out with the kids and head for the shampoo aisle, still quite sick....Steve follows with the buggy full of cat & dog food and bottled waters and Sam & Sarah.  The cashier starts screaming.....I had NO idea she was screaming at us so I kept walking, she ran after us screaming "Sir STOP" "Come back here" I finally turned around thinking someone was running out of the store, NO it was Steve she was yelling at.  Mind you, we were headed INTO the get shampoo.  She told Steve that she had to keep her eyes on the cart & he couldn't take it back in the store.  She told him to get the kids out.  Steve is looking like a deer caught in the headlights and says "she (meaning Sarah) can't walk".  I'm trying to figure out what is going on as EVERYONE in the store is looking at us.  Steve is no help, he starts laughing, I'm thinking "what the heck is going on here, did I miss something?"  Thankfully a manager comes up and tells us we can go and finish shopping.  He knew us, at least by here is a teenager pushing a buggy of cat/dog food and two blind kids, a little Chinese guy and a sick mom with a Ukraine T-shirt we didn't already look like a parade.   Did we really look like we could bust out of there with no one noticing?  LOL

The manager followed us and apologized- I actually thought it was quite funny.   So then a sales clerk had to help me find the right shampoo since I couldn't see anything, my eyes were still so dilated and numb feeling.   Then as we were leaving, the cashier apologized to us.  I told her it was fine, I worked as a probation officer and  don't trust anyone either.    I probably looked a mess, no make up, eyes dilated, slightly green.....she had a right to suspect us LOL!   Evidently she still had our stuff on her register even though she was taking other people in line and IF we'd walked out then she would have been in real trouble.   Steve thought it was cool that he was tagged as a shoplifter LOL

So much for my grand plans of the day, all of that took most of the day.

Jon on the other hand was free all day so he walked in the woods for 4 hours, he think he walked about 15 miles.  He is happy:)  He loves being out there, in nature.  That's where he thinks/prays and works on his sermons. 

So  a crazy day for us, nothing went as planned but at least I spent time with my kiddos. Time in the car is the best time to talk.  My eyes were mostly shut so you know Steve had to trick me once by gasping and grabbing my arm!  He got punched  on the shoulder and  laughed and laughed.  I told him paybacks are rough......  After yesterday's near accident. I'm a bit squeamish in the car!


Some Updates.....

Katie who tried to commit suicide by shooting herself is in reconstructive surgery today, please pray that the surgery will be successful. 

Luke who was in a car accident is doing great and being released from re-hab!!!!!  He still needs prayer as he gets mentally tired easily but overall he is doing great!

Sonya is having her surgery today I believe.  pray that goes well and her pain will be gone.

My father in law is doing good and is stable.

Little Sabrina is home from a hospital stay.  Her parents have not been given good news as far as her long term development goes.  Please pray that God will touch this little one and help her parents!


Hope you all have a great weekend!  Stay safe!

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