Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our lives were spared!

On the way home this afternoon we almost had a terrible car wreck.  I'm still a bit shaken up by it....

Today I thought all our therapists & teachers were not coming for various reasons, so I made plans with one of my besties to eat lunch together.  Steve wanted to go & of course that meant the little ones too....  I had gotten confused, one therapist was still coming but we cut the therapy short.  I had also agreed to go shopping with a friend whose sons are graduating with Steve next weekend.  So we got that done quickly, got home and took off again with the kids.  We had a great lunch with my friend, lots of laughing & kidding around.  Then we picked up Shad early from school.

We were on the way home, Steve was driving and I was texting about 6 different people arranging various things regarding graduation and a few other things..... we were almost home, the last big curve and I looked up.  I must have sensed some movement that was out of the ordinary and I saw a rock truck almost on top of us.  It was over the line, headed right towards us, I am not sure still how we did not get hit.  Steve handled the car perfectly, he swerved but did over compensate.   We were going at least 60 and surely the truck was also.  There is a quarry down the road from us and we have lots of trucks-about the size of a garbage truck or a small semi going up & down the road as they get rock. 

If we had been hit, we would have all surely died.  I am so thankful to God for His grace today.  I'm thankful that Steve did not over steer and turn us over.   He handled things perfectly.  It is a miracle I'm sitting here typing this blog! 

There are many mysteries in life, I certainly do not understand them all but I understand our lives were spared today.  And for that I am grateful!