Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pictures of the property & some medical news

We're still catching our breath over here you can imagine the new house is quite the topic of conversation with us and our nurses:)  Exciting times!  Steve went and did 5 hours of our "sweat equality work" at their thrift shop today.  He had a really good time, you'd thought he got paid for being there as much as he liked working:) 

Yesterday I took Sarah to the neurologist.  He confirmed that she has CP.  Actually he seems to think it is worse than we thought.  He believes she may have some issues with her hips.  We've had an appointment for her to see someone but that is not until August.   I don't' think the doctor thinks she will walk independently  ever.....  I've been coming to that conclusion myself.  She has hit such a plateau in all her motor skill areas, this might be as far as she goes.  IF she'd been worked with as an infant and toddler, it might have made a difference.  But being tied to a bed, didn't help matters. 

After talking to her PT today, I do know I'm not agreeing to any type of surgery, it just wouldn't give her much change and it would be at a high price to her.  I can't see my Sarah in a body cast (worst case) for months.   She doesn't have the understanding & I'm just not sure she could handle it emotionally.  She has NO pain from the impairment at all. 

The neurologist could see how bonded Sarah and I are and he remarked on that since most kids coming from a mental institution have bonding issues, not my girl:)   After Sarah decided he wasn't going to give her a shot, she warmed up to him and played back & to with him. 

I'm ok with all of this......we adopted Sarah knowing full well what we were committing to.  We'd hoped we could have eye surgery for her, and that was impossible due to her eye's condition.  We really hoped she'd walk on her own but....   Nothing changes our love for her.  We adopted her where she was and are committed to whatever happens.  It's not a big deal for us, and she is a happy girl regardless.  She has love now and plenty of food and that's enough for Sarah:)  Love my girl!

Well here are some pictures of the property:)

this is taken from the back of the property looking towards the front right side.  There are too many bushes to get all the way back

the old house that is being torn down is behind us.
We are about 30 feet from the back property line

Not sure what this fir like tree is, but we had one in my front yard growing up!

this is from the front of the old house, love that we are further back from the street.
Also love the whole time we were there, no cars went by:)

the boys exploring off the side of the yard

inside the garage (that is staying and becoming a shed)


outside of garage

Beautiful property!  The neighbors on the left side are on the other side of their property. Can't even see their house.   The neighbors on the right side are closer but the shed is in between us and their house is set back.   No one across the street and not sure about behind us since the trees/bushes were so intact.  I can't believe I lived in NYC, now just being in Tampa stresses me out, I don't feel like I can breath deep till I get on some of the back roads:)  I'm so glad this is not a subdivision or in town!  I guess you can "take the girl out of the country but you'll never get the country out of the girl"  LOL
An update on Sonya
ALL the money came in and they are going to have surgery this month!
BUT the last bit $14,000 came as a loan, which is great BUT we'd like to see them not have any debt from this surgery if possible.  Please think about giving still.....please pray that more will come in.
And please pray for Sonya that this will work, with no complications!
Also an update on Connie, the lady I requested prayer for:
the surgery went good, no complications, they got all but a small amount of the tumor out.
the doctors are concerned that it might be cancer.  The results are not yet in.  She is already home!!!!!
Please pray for her!


  1. The beauty (or curse) of CP is that as your child grows their abilities change. Z has had many surgeries but as he's grown his ability hasn't kept up. We just learned of the external SWASH brace for hips that has made all the difference in our Z's ability to walk. Wish we had known about it years ago!
    Prayers for wisdom as you process this!

  2. Sweat equity seems to keep autocorrecting to sweat equality.
    I'm so glad you got approved! I used to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and I think they are a wonderful program!

    Hevel from

  3. I am so far beyond ecstatic for your family! That property looks just perfect for your bunch! God sure knows what He's doing, doesn't He??? So excited to see the progress as your perfect home is built. How far away from the church is the property? Is it going to be convenient logistically?