Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sad News again......

Again I have sad news.....little Yuri passed away.  It seems he had an infection and went in to septic shock.  A volunteer tried to save him after he'd been ignored for 5 days....and then he died in the volunteer's arms.  Poor baby.....   please say a prayer for his family who were coming for him.  My fear was that Sarah would die before we got to her, she seemed so weak, I can imagine how they must feel.

You know often I am asked "WHY international adoption when there are so many kids that need homes in the US?"  This is so many countries, there is just not the resources  or the care for special needs children.   The American foster care system is not perfect, but when something goes wrong, the people involved are punished and investigated.  Not so in so many other parts of the world. 

For us personally, we NEVER thought about really doing an adoption.  After Sam was born, we were MORE than overwhelmed.  BUT God allowed us to see Shad's picture and we knew he was our son.  Then we were done, three boys, didn't think again about adoption....THEN God allowed us to see Sarah's picture....we were in love with her......then God allowed us to see Selah's picture.....and she was our child too....   I can't explain it but these three were our children.....just like they were our biological, somehow the stork just put them in the wrong country......  so it's not like we set out to do this.....God showed us and opened the door for us and we CHOSE to walk through that open door instead of looking away!

I believe Sarah would not be alive today if we had not adopted her, she was weak, and had lost her will to live.  She was like a shadow of a tiny little bird.  It was beautiful how she opened up to us, even while in the mental institution.  Now she is so happy and such a tough girl. 

Thank you if you gave towards Yuri's adoption.  I don't know his parents plans but maybe after they have time to grieve, they may find room in their heart for another child.   I will let you know when I hear something.  You can follow their story on their FB page.


Our friend who did the photo shot for us won a photography contest with this picture. 

this is what she wrote about it
Kandi Fields Bailey To me this picture sums up the whole story. Sarah couldn't even hold her head up when they got there. Her head was shaved bald, confined to a crib all day. Many people would see her as irreparable, undesirable, too much work. The Clantons saw her true worth and have loved her unconditionally and thoroughly since they first laid eyes on her. Before that even! This picture captures the contented smile of a little girl who has known what being forgotten feels like. She is leaning into her mommy, who loves her, holds her, cares deeply for her. Truly, truly a new chance at life. What a gift!
Her words made me cry:)  Sarah is such a gift to us, I love how she is hugging me tight in this picture and smiling as she always does (except when she knows someone is taking a picture LOL). 
Shad and Princess fell asleep on my bedroom floor after school one day.  I thought this was so cute.  Shad falls asleep like an old man.  He is so busy, that when he stops, he stops! 

And this was dinner tonight!
Taco lasagna, yellow rice and Mexican corn
strawberry angel food cake for dessert.
I have a happy family tonight!
todays' answer is .....FALSE!
So thankful for a few friends who post this almost daily!
Jerry, Lori, Paula & Betty
they remind ME!
we are at 11,555!  Can't believe so many people took the time to vote for us!  WOW!
Yesterday I got the last bit of paperwork in for the Habitat for Humanity Home.  We should know if we are chosen by Tuesday!  You know that is ALL we are talking about in our home:)  The kids are dreaming, the nurses are dreaming....LOL  I am dreaming of my own bathroom......lots of dreaming going on:)  
Update on Selah, her high heart rates are gone.  In fact she is back down in the low heart rates now that she has that new medicine for spascity.   She has an MRI scheduled for this month at St Joe's, we are not giving her the seizure meds until we have some proof she is having seizures.  The doctor thought she was but the EEG really didn't show any real proof of them.  IF there has been any negative changes in her brain, then we will give her the meds but we are not anticipating that at all.  We also have not given her the new med that could "wake her up more" based on the changes she'd had and the high heart rates she'd had, again we are waiting for the MRI to decide what to do. 
She is on Mirelax now and really going to the bathroom on her own:)  That seems to help a lot too.  We are all so happy about her poop:)  Believe me that is quite the conversation of some of our nurses!!! LOL  They are all very happy with things!
Please keep little Yuri's family in your prayers.  Thankfully we know where he is now and he is not in pain, in fact he may understand things a lot better than any of us do now.......


  1. Just an interesting tidbit from your reader here...we have adopted internationally four times, going for our next son this summer, so soon to be five times. We have also felt pulled to foster here in the US. I called this month to "figure it out" with an agency. They were so positive and upbeat until they heard we will soon have five children. Then it turned into an "I'm sorry to tell you this, I don't make the rules..." BUT with "this many children" we would not be considered to foster. What? Really? I felt sunk. We can't offer the world but we can offer family support, therapy resources, time and love, even if for just one child. Yes, I know having five children may seem crazy and too much for many. But for us it is our norm and we feel we have more to give. I asked the lady why then do I read in the papers, see billboards all over and signs around town begging for foster families?

  2. Okay, the pic of Sarah made me cry. Sweet little lovebug!