Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday in the Kitchen.....

UGH I have a sore throat that I can't get rid of, usually hot tea and vitamin C will cure me.  Hope I don't have the MERS....  doesn't take much for me to become a  hypochondriac!  Believe me, I usually don't share the places my mind goes LOL! 

Lazy Saturday, the kids played outside for a couple of hours while I cooked.  We are really really trying to not eat out.  It is so hard! So I cooked three meals....  cooked a pot of spaghetti, 2 casserole dishes of spinach stuffed shells, spinach mashed potatoes, AND a huge pot of 15 bean soup with sausage & ground chicken & made 3 gallons of tea......MAYBE that will last the weekend? LOL!  We do good if food is cooked but if it takes awhile, that when we head out for fast food.  We are really trying to get on a strict budget since soon we will have a house payment!   When  I look at our bank statement it is embarrassing how often we eat out or grab some type of fast food.   When we eat at home, we eat organic but it's not that easy to eat good healthy food when you eat out.  There are a few places that we will not eat at, and there's one place my family loves that I will not even go to.   We have decided that Wendy's is the "healthiest" fast food place.  Please no emails telling me how bad it is LOL.  I REALLY don't' want to know!  My goal is to get us down to eating out ONCE a week on Sunday after church.  There are the occasional weeks we actually do that, but if we get busy, that is just out of the window.  My family LOVES to eat!  Sarah and Sam may be small but they are BIG eaters and Sam has absolutely NO patience whatsoever!  With Sarah we have to blend everything but she can chow down.  Her favorite place is Olive Garden, she can get endless soup for about $4.  She will usually eat at least 3 bowls of soup, they blend it for her at the bar and she eats it.  The servers are always amazed at her :)  The nice thing there is my three 10 and under eat for about $4, about what they'd spend at a fast food place.  Jon and I usually have soup & salad so the only expensive one is Steve.    BUT my goal is to only eat out occasionally.  I'm very good in all other areas financially, but the eating out is my Achilles Heel!   Plus it is so much healthier to eat at home.

Well we are getting ready for graduation around here.  Steve is graduating next weekend along with two boys from our church who also homesechool.  I'm putting together a video of Steve's life and it very emotional for me.  I pulled out all the pictures to use out of our 40+ photo albums.  Up until the accident, I was GREAT at keeping up with pictures and putting them in albums in chronological order.   Right now I have a huge bag of pictures to put in albums and 3 memory cards to print pictures from.  I'm so overwhelmed but yet too anal for them to be put in by anyone else because they HAVE to go in chronological order!   It is a requirement ...yes I have issues....

Anyhow we are excited about focusing on our boy.  He's been nothing but a joy to raise & we are just blessed to have been given him by God.  It's been emotional going back through pictures, to look at the past 18 years of our lives....some photos are incredibly meaningful to us for various reasons.   He won't let me use the first picture of him......still with the umbilical  cord attached ....I LOVE that picture but he forbid it!  I will obey! 

Trying to figure out a meaningful graduation gift....that's been hard, still not sure on that one yet.
He's ready for new furniture for his new room, you know the one that isn't built yet....but we don't have room to store it.  Don't think that is quite what we are looking for anyhow.

Shad has a great field trip scheduled for next week, he can't wait!  Next week is the last week for many of Sam's, Sarah's and Selah's teachers from the school program.  Summer is coming!!!!

We are going on vacation in June with some close friends.  Both families are renting cabins at a Florida State Camp ground.  Last November we all went to Fannings Springs and rented a cabin, it was a blast even though it was quite cold.  The Florida Parks are absolutely wonderful, most cabins are about $100 a night, with 2 bedrooms, a bath, large living room with a fireplace and a full kitchen.  They all have wrap around screened porches with rockers and a big swing on them.  We all like to kayak and I'm not even sure how many kayaks we have between us all but we have a bunch.  We're going to another spring and this time our cabin will be on stilts, really looking forward to the view.   It's really a blessing in so many ways to have life long friends who you love being with and love their kids, just doesn't get much better than that!    This site is not too far from my home town so I'm looking forward to seeing some of my Perry Peeps:)  There is something sweet about going back to the place you were raised.  At least for me, it just brings back the good memories. And I'm going to eat at Deal's Restaurant, one of the best places I know of to eat seafood!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and for my American friends....Happy Memorial Day!  Thankful for the men and women who have served our country!


Violence has come to Torez Ukraine....

there is a video of the building we went in to the day we got to Torez to sign paperwork for the girls.  Unreal to see that!  Please pray for our friends in that area, and the orphans!

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