Friday, May 16, 2014


Someone sent me a message to let me know we are Semi-finalists in the van contest:)
Evidently the choice of winners is more than JUST how many votes someone gets!  So we'll keep our fingers crossed!  Winners are notified on May 30th.  We REALLY need a van now that we will be moving.  When we no longer live near the church, it will be hard to get Selah to church on the weekend.  We like for us to keep that tradition together as a family.  It's thanks to all of you that we made it this far!!!  And especially to Denise who nominated us:)

Well I got my first sunburn of the season:)  I sat outside talking on the phone and didn't realize how much sun I was getting, I have some red legs tonight!  We are having the most beautiful weather, it will be the last little "cool spell" before we hit summer temps.  If only Florida could stay like this all summer long!

Well this is short tonight,  Steve & Shad went with some friends to see Godzilla:)  We've been chasing the little ones around all night.  Sam got all the soaps/shampoos he could grab during his bath, then he leaned over and started pooping while Jon was getting him dressed, I caught it...BEFORE it hit the floor...yep, something new every day... I KNEW I should have set him on the toilet.  LOL  THEN he grabbed a cereal box and turned it upside down on the kitchen floor.....It's funny all these little "toddler behaviors"  he really has just started doing things like this.  he never used to get into things but now he grabs everything he sees!   And for some reason, Sarah was very needy today and wanted to be held, a lot....AND she ate FOUR fudge popsicles bars.  She cried for another one but I started rocking her in the rocker:)   So they kept us busy!

The ONLY thing Jon wants in the new house, is a built in baby gate to keep Sam out of the kitchen!  he gets into everything....daily! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!

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