Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Years ago....GOTCHA DAY!

Two years ago.....

This picture is so dear to me.....  Jon with Sarah and me holding Selah coming out of the mental institution.  We were the 4th family in the over 40 year history of the institution to adopt a child and the FIRST to adopt two.....

Walking towards the van.

In the van, leaving to go back and get the boys at the apartment. 
Jon holding Selah on the way to the train station in Donetsk


Sarah and me
she is 5 years old in this picture, so tiny


the director of the institution, Alexandra.   He drove us in his car all the way to the train station in Donetsk.  We have a love for him. 
Oh if I could only go back two years......   what a happy day for us!  I really do try and not focus on the past so much now but my heart just cries out for Selah looking at these pictures.  We had so many plans for our girls, the future was so bright......I just wish the accident had never happened.  We adore these two little girls.  They are so precious to us.  When Sarah makes new gains, ALWAYS I think "what would Selah be doing now if the accident hadn't happened?" 
She still is taken care of in a way that a child in a mental institution could only dream of, a personal caregiver 24 hours a day to attend to her every need and I'm so thankful we can give her such care, the best equipment, everything for her comfort.  But I know she would have advanced some if the accident had not happened and that hurts our hearts.   we do have a diagnosis on what her underlying condition is (the thing that caused her to be in the MI) and knowing what it is, we do know she would have never advanced much beyond where she was at prior to the accident.  But we could have seen some advancement. 
But one thing I do know is she or Sarah will never want for anything, they'll never be hungry again, they'll never have bug bites on them... or untreated sores, they'll never be left alone....and they will always have a family!
One thing that always comforts Selah is being home in her room and in her home.  I'm so glad we can give her that comfort!
AND it has been now over ONE year since she has been in the hospital!  That is so great for a child like Selah!  I believe having a full time nursing is what helps her to stay so healthy!  Now our goal is to go TWO years with no hospitalizations!!!!!!
Anyhow we are so blessed to have had these past two years with our girls!!  They have blessed our lives and we love them so much.   I love being a mom to two little girls, I really like buying them clothes:)  After 3 boys. it is so fun to buy pretty things for them!


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