Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We are approved!

God is faithful......

We were approved by Habitat for Humanity for a 6 bedroom/3 bath home.....  We are in awe of God's goodness to us.  I had turned the paperwork in last summer and just assumed we were turned down when I didn't hear back.  At the time, we were fighting with insurance to retain Selah's nurses so that was my focus.  Another first homeowner program had turned us down because we basically have no credit.  When I quit working when Sam was born, we paid off our credit cards, cars and from then on used cash only.  We did not feel we could afford to maintain any debt.  We actually thought that was the best thing to do, but we learned that's not what banks want to see.  However HH looked at our credit situation differently.  So when I got the call last week, I was floored. 

Being in ministry we had always leased a home, so we would not get a call to move and then have a house payment.  Owning a home, was not a big deal to me and if you know my husband, he really is not one to feel he has to acquire things.  Our idea was more to be flexible.  When we took this church, and moved to the parsonage, it was great.  We were able to remodel it based on our family at the time, just the three boys.   We were able to squeeze the girls in and things worked well for us.  Even after the adoption, we felt like we could manage with all of us living here.  We love the area, the property and living in the country.

When the accident happened, we realized that we would have to evidently move.  Some people wanted us to remodel the church's parsonage.  But I knew  that wasn't a good idea since this is not our own home.  If Jon were to resign as the pastor or retire, we'd have to move.  If we'd put a lot into remodeling an area for Selah, it's not like we could take it with us.  PLUS we needed time.  After a traumatic event, people are counseled not to make big decisions for at least 6 months.  I felt a bit pressured to make some decisions at first, but the only thing I could think of was just getting home with Selah.  It took us six months to get her home.  Then we had to adjust to our "new normal"  having nurses in the home 24 hours a day, the boys gave up their room and sleep on the floor in the little kids' rooms.  They've never complained.....   But I think we needed that time to just catch our breath. 

Once we got turned down last year by the one first time homeowner's program, I didn't think this route would work for us.  So I just prayed and told God our needs.  I was able to give Him the situation.  And I refused to let myself get worried or anxious about it, nor would I get envious of other's situations.  I really believed God would work out WHAT we needed, WHEN we needed it.  I didn't want to rush the situation and we have so much to concentrate on anyhow, that I just "let it go"

The one thing I couldn't help but worry about was Selah.  I want everything to be perfect for her, but there are things that are complicated now and will only get more complicated as she gets older.  Giving her a bath is hard, Just carrying her down the hall, makes her stiffen up and it is hard to turn her in our small hallway to get her in the bathroom door when she stiffens up.  Her wheelchair barely fits in the hall/doorways and she has lots of equipment we have to put in other rooms, or awkward places since there is just not room for it in her room.  It makes it inconvenient on the nurses and for Selah.  Also the nurses have to empty all her secretions and mucus in our bathroom, Selah has MRSA in her nasal/trach areas and that has been a concern for the rest of the family.   And obviously in such a small home, if one of the other kids gets sick, it's harder to shield the nurses and Selah from them. 

BUT we have managed and we have managed with plenty of smiles.  Our family rolls with the punches and this has been a big punch, almost a punch out but God has given us grace.  Since our life changed with Sam's birth, I've determined "to learn to be content in whatever state I was in"  I truly believe we get ourselves in trouble when we are discontent and complaining.  I'm not saying I'm Ms Mary Sunshine all the time LOL but when it comes to our home life and what we have, I'm very careful to keep my heart from uncontentment and envy.  I try to count my blessings, not my needs or wants. 

I'm not sharing this to prove how good of a Christian or a person I am but to share how God helped me maintain my heart.  When I'd begin to feel unsettled, I would pray about it and remind myself that most people in America including myself have a higher standard of living than the majority of the world by just having clean drinking water.  I'd think about the orphanages I've been to and realize, my life is easy to compared to so many. 

My kids really had hoped that Extreme Homemaker would chose us, as someone had sent in a recommendation but even tho that was fun to think about, I was a bit hesitant really in my heart about that.  We just live a bit more simpler than that.   This is more, us.  We are involved, we will be working and we will also have a mortgage.

God has been so faithful to walk with us through the darkest deepest valley.  He was with us in the good times, He provided for our adoption of the girls and He was with us every second during the crises time following the accident.   I don't have all the answers of WHY things turned out this way.  But I know His hand has held us.  He has taken care of our needs, helped us with the nursing situation, given us the strength to work through the grief of a near drowning and how that changed our lives forever while still making new memories with the other children.  When you have four more kids, you learn life goes on despite heartache.   And once again He is providing for our family in a way, that we could not have imagined a week ago.  We believe "every good gift comes down from above"  so we look at this gift with thankfulness. 

So my heart is thankful and of course we are excited.  The boys are really excited about having their own rooms!  YEAH!  I have to brag on them, they aren't perfect but they've never really complained about anything, not about losing their room, not about having to have all their stuff put in the church's office in boxes, not about having so many nurses/therapists/teachers come in our home.  They've made our lives so much easier by keeping a good altitude.  I appreciate Steve & Shad a lot for NOT adding to our stress and burdens.  In fact after living in ONE room at Ronald McDonald House for over 4 months, and then almost 2 more months in a hotel, our house seemed quite big when we finally got home after the accident.  It was like a dream to even be home.  And they were great when we were at the RMH and the hotel.  Steve did his schoolwork and watched over the little ones AND volunteered at the RMH as did Shad.  I appreciate those two a lot! 

So the next steps are to work on the plans of the house so it is suited for our needs.  We are going to start on our hours - we have sweat equality hours to do-  Steve is starting tomorrow at 9 am:)    The old home on the property will be torn down and the property cleaned up.  Actually building won't start till October, but that time will go quick. 

We have grateful hearts tonight, now the burden & worry Selah's ongoing physical needs is gone.     She will have an area devoted to her.  We are blessed and humbled by this.  That is what means the most to me (although I am quite happy to have my own little bathroom!!!!!) 


  1. This is such wonderful news. Congratulations to your very deserving family. Cannot wait to see and hear all about the home!

  2. Ah yes! God is faithful - even when we can't see beyond the present difficulties! I am SO happy for you and so thankful for his wonderful provision!! Can't wait to follow this process and rejoice in the end result!

  3. Praise God, what an answer to prayer! I am so excited for all of you! I look forward to following every step of the proces!

  4. I'm so incredibly happy for you!!! That's just awesome!!! God is SO faithful. Love to you all!

  5. Congratualtions that is just awesome and sounds so exciting. I have helped several times for the Habitat people in our hometown. It is a very rewarding experience for sure. Know I will keep praying that you will win that Van for Selah, that would just be the icing on the cake for sure. Have a very blessed day! Sherri

  6. Praise God!! I'm sooo beyond excited for your family! What a blessing! How amazing it will be to have your whole family set up in the new house. How far from the church is it? Shad and Steve must be besides themselves with excitment as well. They've been so wonderful to give up their space, and to have a brand new space of their own... amazing! I can't wait to see the progress as the place is built!

  7. Woot-Woot! Congratulations!