Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hope you've had a great weekend.  Yesterday we did a phone interview for Rochester Ronald McDonald House's annual telethon.  We've been involved with various telethons and fund raisers for RMH.  We just love and appreciate them so much.  If you ever want to contribute to a place that does exactly what it's mission statement says....give to Rochester NY Ronald McDonald House.   They are so focused on helping families who are struggling with children in the hospital.   We've stayed at several RMHs over the years, NONE are on par with Rochester NY RMH, they are the top of the line from their volunteers, to the love that is one can compare:)   We always appreciated them, but after the accident, we were just surrounded by love from them.  Thank you again Rochester RMH!!!!

After we finished the interview, we went to a square dance.  I didn't bring my camera:(  boo!  Square dancing is so much fun and really great exercise.  I only danced one set but had a blast.  Our little ones Sam & Sarah both were a bit needy this time and didn't want to just sit and listen to the music, they wanted us to hold them!  So we were a little occupied with those two.  Steve danced all the sets, and Shad finally danced a couple of them too.  Everyone had a great time.

We are having such beautiful weather in Florida but I think it is going to get back to normal soon.  Today was gorgeous, I laid on our swing, and almost fell asleep.  THIS is why folks move to Florida....

After we ate lunch, we took our friends out to see the property where the house will be built.  It still doesn't seem real to me.  But I've certainly bonded with the property.  We drove around the area, trying to figure out if the neighbors have wells or if there might be "city water" LOL    There is a phosphate plant not too far so it might be best if it is city water.   I love the area, wish the plant was further away, it's maybe 2 miles away from the property.  That is the only thing I worry about.  One thing tho is I look at all the plants/trees/wildlife in the area and it seems good.  We found a spring that used to be open for swimming but now only allows a few people in at a time.  Steve ran over a snake accidently and we loved exploring around! 

This week promises to be busy for us.  Hope you all have a great start to your week .....

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  1. Look into a Cistern if you are not on city services. You will need to haul water or use a service to have it delivered to you I would recommend going with 2 large tanks that are connected though instead of 1 since 1 tank is a normal load (that way you don't have to worry about running out on your fill up day).
    In case you were wondering yes we are on a cistern which we haul for ourselves plus I grew up with my mom's parents being on a cistern and hauling water as well. It is an adjustment but you know how much your water bill is up front instead of after the fact.