Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weeki Wachie kayaking

We had a blast today kayaking down the Weeki Wachie with some friends.  It's a clear spring that is long and runs into the Gulf of Mexico. The part we kayaked was 5.5 miles long and after about mile 3, I was pretty sure I was going to die on the river.....LOL  Already my arms can hardly go over chest area....can't wait to see how stiff I am in the morning!  When we got to the end, there is a place to pull in and the guys from the kayak place will help you (even if you didn't rent from them)  I had to ask them to PULL me out of the kayak, there was no way my body would cooperate at that point.  What can you do but laugh???  I'm just thankful I made it all the way!

We saw Manatees!   A big one went right beside and a bit under my kayak, and a mother and baby went over to the side.  I loved seeing them.  We also saw some big turtles, all kinds of birds, some fish.  It was beautiful!



I can NOT believe I'm posting this picture!




I love living in Florida, I love the woods and animals.  I'm so glad to be able to be out in nature.  I have a new underwater camera.  This was the first time I've really used it.  The current was moving so fast, it was hard to get some pictures.  
We all have kayaks, or will have, I just ordered me one for my Mother's Day present.  It's a lot of fun, this is the longest I've kayaked ever and although it was hard, it was fun. 
We are also going to go to Weeki Wachie, the tourist attraction with the mermaids.  We keep season passes for the Florida State Parks and our goal is to go to all of them at least once. 

Thanks for all the kind words expressed in messages and comments to me regarding Sam's diagnosis.  We're going to start him on the medicine tomorrow. (didn't want to today with a friend staying with them for me)   Then I'm going to really research Autism in kids like Sam with other special needs.  Maybe this will help us find a key for him to be more expressive. 

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  1. Holy crow, those are some breathtaking photos!!! I am in awe! I have another place to add to my "must visit" places now!