Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back from Vacation!

We officially got home yesterday, still doing laundry and all the settling in that has to be done.  Sam always takes every single toy out of the toy boxes and checks them out.  It is hysterical!  We say he wants to make sure none got stolen while we were gone.  Sarah is thrilled to be back home on carpet she does not like wood floors at all!  Our new house will have wood floors throughout but area rugs for her sake.  She likes to be on the floor but likes her rugs:)  She is also happy to be back in her big blue chair. 

Poor Sarah has a diaper rash that I can not get rid of, tried everything on the market, had some cream made up for her by our nurse's recipe.....  She has used the same kind of diaper for over a year and I'm afraid they've changed and she is allergic  to the new ingredients  or something.   It doesn't bother her too much but it bothers me!  If she is not better, I'll take her to the dermatologist on Monday. 

There are about a hundred blogs running around in my head but the thing on my heart right now is Ukraine.  I'm hearing so many first and second hand reports and it is all so bad.  I don't want to endanger any of our friends there so I'm not sure what I can share right now.....but it is sooooo bad.  The news makes it sound as if things are quieter, things are NOT quieter....there are executions going on, people being tortured,  people having to flee to western Ukraine....  Most everyone I know in Ukraine is going through terrible things right now.  Please pray for our friends, for the orphans, for the much heartache!


  1. For Sarah's diaper rash, try either Boudreux's Butt Paste or Bag Balm (you can get either at most pharmacies, they work way better than prescription anti-biotic or zinc oxide creams. Yes, Bag Balm is technically for cow udders but works great on human kids!!).

  2. Also maybe try a bath with baking soda or vinegar :)