Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy Thursday

Steve has been working at Habitat for Humanity, doing work hours for our family.  He has really enjoyed it.  Today he was asked to supervise four other workers as they had to move the thrift store all around.   (I think all the other workers were there to do community hours for the court - I told Steve he was getting a jump on being an officer)  The staff have told me how good of a worker Steve is, it makes me proud:)   Tomorrow he has an appointment wit the recruiter at the prison.  He is looking into every thing he has an interest in before he makes a final decision.  Saturday he takes the ACT test for college, so we are covering every possible avenue!

We have had crazy rainy weather today.  It seemed like "pre-hurricane" weather with huge rain bands, and in between the sun would come out.  I LOVE bad weather so it was my kind of day!  I think the next week or so will be like this, so we'll get plenty of rain. 

I spent the afternoon cooking, much to my family's happiness!  I usually do two meals at one time.  today I boiled chicken for a good chicken noodle soup and also for shredded  chicken for the fettuccine  I made!  I made alfredo sauce from scratch- yum!   Salad and garlic bread and "healthy" brownies too!  Sarah loved my chicken noodle soup, she ate 2 big bowls of it.  I used noodles made from veggie puree, I didn't cook them all the way so they wouldn't get soggy in the soup, they turned out good.  I had so much soup that I was able to freeze some (I do that without the noodles so when I defrost, I just boil some noodles up so they'll be fresh)  I'd bought a big package of skinless boneless breasts on sale so I have shredded chicken left over to use in something tomorrow.  I'm thinking a chicken rice casserole that everyone loves.  Let me tell you my family is all about food!  I would NOT want to get stuck with any of them during a famine, they'd take my food!   

I have a confession to garden just didn't do much this year.   It seemed like everything matured faster than normal.  I buy plants at a certain place and a certain brand....  I think the plants had issues.  Everything I planted from seed did fine.  The potatoes and the onions which were another brand did fine....  But my plants didn't do good at all.  I had okra but now they are all gone.  The collards got a bug and nothing I could do seem to make a difference, the tomato plants were stilted.   None of the peppers grew at all.  Peppers usually grow even if you don't water them!  The squash plants I bought died (the ones from seeds did fine)   I think I'll buy plants from a different store and a different brand next time, or grow them myself!  All the root plants that were from seed/roots (carrots, onions, sweet potato and potatoes are good.   I've never had such a bad year with the summer plants!    In some of my Square Foot Gardens I grew grass....unreal!  So I carefully weeded the grass out and replanted them on a few sandy spots we have in the yard.  Figure people buy plugs of grass, I could just use what was in my SFG!   LOL  I try to use everything!  With all the rain, it looks like the plugs are growing.

========================================================================  More news from Ukraine!

"The armed militants also prevented the evacuation of 30 children from the children’s shelter in Kramatorsk. Everything was prepared to transport the children, aged from birth to three years, many of whom have severe congenital disabilities. However, someone from the staff revealed the plans to representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. They arrived in the building, spent the night, and in the morning prevented the removal of the children. Children from the orphanage in Kramatorsk had been successfully evacuated earlier. Afterwards, the director of the orphanage was summoned to the “commander” of the city and questioned about the reasons for the removal of the children."

Most certainly the children's shelter being talked about here, is the baby house my Sarah was very sad!!!!!  this video is from the town Selah was born in.....  I could not get it to play as it is so cloudy here and we have terrible internet. 
I was in that town.....unreal!

I couldn't get this to play either but I think it is Torez

Pray for Ukraine.....pray for the orphans and their caregivers!

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