Wednesday, June 25, 2014


so we are out in the middle of phones, no internet, no stores.... LOL
Sunday we traveled up and then did go to the BIG town of Perry (my hometown) for supplies. 

Steve drove all the way.....

Actual potato chip....shaped like a pumpkin bought in Fanning's Springs...eaten on Us Hwy 98 north

Our cabin on the right, with the van & trailer packed with kayaks

This is what it looks like for the kids to have no tv, no electronics of any type, no computer or even a working phone.....this is real GAMING!
On a trip to Perry
My church I grew up in
Church of OD...
think they need to find a G soon!

Eating out at Deals Famous Seafood Restaurant  in Perry!
Where some of the best people  on earth eat:)


We are having a good time.  Last night we sat on the porch for hours singing, trying to remember verses of old songs and hymns.  good thing there were only frogs around to listen:)  There is a big wrap around porch with a swing and some rocking chairs.  Sam & Sarah loves it out there so we are spending a lot of time there! 
I have tons more pictures but didn't bring the camera to upload it now that we are in civilization again.   We have a few more days here before we go home. 
I had a chance to visit some special friends today, some ladies who are now up in years who were very supportive of me as I was growing up.  It was good to see them, I got teary eyed with each of them. 
Later tonight I get to visit with one of my close friends that I don't get to see very often. 
It's always good to go home:)
Please pray for Ukraine, there is much going on not reported by the news organizations.  I've heard of an Assembly of God pastor who was killed last week by the Pro Russian forces.  We have some friends who have been threatened with execution.  Please pray for their safety!



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