Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friends Graduating and Family Update

Last night it was two of Steve's closest friends' turn to graduate.   They all attended the private school together for years before Steve began homeschooling.  It was a sweet ceremony. 

Steve Drew and Austin

Steve & Drew.  Drew was the salutatorian for the class
Just as the three boys are close friends, so are the three Mamas!
We each stood with our boys!
Kandi & Drew
Austin & Karen
Me & Steve

Then we headed out for a Grad home way too late:)
Steve had to get up this morning to go back to youth camp.
(So if you are wondering if he is embarrassed or sunburn....please know the idiot didn't put on sunscreen!!  I'm ticked with him since I sent him off with all kinds of sunscreen)
Shad was feeling sick yesterday and worse today so I took him to Urgent Care and he probably has strep ....yeah.....   The doctor was kind and gave him a shot, so hopefully he will be better quicker.  She also put him on an antibodic.   I think she saw my face....   His first test came back negative but I guess that happens quite a bit.  She said he looked like he had strep on the back of his throat and she was going to treat him as if he did.   She was sure he has it.
The little ones are fine.  Selah is still having a lower oxygen rate and higher heart rate than we like but nothing else is off.  Our nurses feel she may have gotten stretched too much in PT, it seems her right leg is sore. Poor baby!
Jon's dad is still in the hospital and really needs prayer! 
We've heard that the baby house that Sarah was in prior to being sent to the adult mental institution has been taken over by Pro Russian forces.  I'm hearing it on line and on one of the nightly news shows. 
so surreal......very sad!
Please pray!


  1. I keep checking your blog. Thinking of you and your family and hoping and praying everythings Okay! And praying Selah wins the van!!

  2. I keep checking your blog and hoping ad praying everything is Okay! Miss your updates! And Im praying Selah wins the van!!