Monday, June 2, 2014

Judge Not

This morning I am sitting in the car dealership waiting for our van to be serviced.  I have free, fast Wi-Fi, a Pepsi, a bag of Cheetos, and Fox kids....this is a mini vacation:)   Before last week, I had not had any Pepsi for over 3 weeks but that record is shot now! 

All weekend I was off internet, it was great!  Last night I relaxed by catching up on FB and emails.  I'm in a few groups still and there was a discussion going on in one of them.  Basically saying that someone who was gay had been treated bad by some Christians or by their family who were Christian.   I usually don't say a lot in this group, as many times I don't' know the situations or people being discussed.  But as most people in the group are Christian, I shared that we should always love but we should never ever compromise what the bible says either.  Of course I was attacked by everyone on last night and made to look as if I hated everyone who were not fundamental Christians.   Anyone who knows me, knows that is far from the truth.  It doesn't bother me about myself, I know who I am and how I love & care for folks without compromising the word of God.  But what bothers me is when so many Christians want to rewrite the Bible.  I don't' mean just that conversation, I mean in general.   That conversation got me to thinking.  Lately I've been shocked by some of the "cultural war "I've seen on FB.

It amazes me how far and how fast the Christian evangelical church has changed in the past 25 years.  Before that time, we evangelicals expected non-Evangelical churches to be liberal in their view of scripture.   But we (evangelicals) pretty much "kept the faith" as it had been for hundreds of years.   But throughout my adult life, I've seen how fast we have fallen from that. 

I'm not just talking about just views on homosexuality.....but there is a fast fall from believing the Bible is the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct to now people want to rewrite, reword and reinterpret the word of God.   From evolution to abortion..... to adultery & it's no big deal for people who profess Christianity  to live together without getting married.  

It bothers me!  Just for the record, I believe the Bible is correct, even if I don't like it!  For example, the bible teaches that there is only two causes for divorce.  One is adultery and the other is if an unbelieving spouse walks away.  That's it.....   That's hard for me.  I want to add abuse, child abuse, and extreme miserable marriages.....   And I'll be honest, I'll even tell people who are in situations like that what I believe, BUT I will tell them there is not anything specific in the bible that would uphold what I am saying.    (Not to get sidetracked here but I don't believe in separation in cases of abuse BECAUSE the victim in the case is still legally bound to the one who is doing the abuse.  And if a child is involved and the victim dies (from others things besides abuse) , then the abuser might have legal right to the child )  So I am probably wrong.  BUT I don't' try to rewrite the Bible to make it fit my world view. 

There was a time when I was "out there" I had chosen to walk away from God and be involved in some things that were wrong.  While I was in that time, I knew I was wrong.  I didn't try and justify my sin, I didn't try and rewrite the bible to fit my situations.  It's hard for me to understand why people feel they most try and change the bible to fit their lifestyle choices. 

Then I shared an article I found interesting/unusual on my FB wall. and I wrote something sarcastic (no not me LOL) and was told I was judgmental.  It was no biggie, and made me laugh because I know my friend was picking at me but it made me think about the whole "Judge not"

You so often hear that "Judge Not"  "Don't be judgmental" Or "Christians are so judgmental"  But is that true?  Is that really what the bible says?   Jesus told others how to live and specifically told them not to sin or continue in sin.  Paul admonished the church at Corinth for not judging sin in their midst.  There are plenty of scriptures that tell us to judge righteously.
this is a great article that explains the difference between having a judgmental spirit and judging righteously.  There is a difference, a big difference!

It seems many today are so quick to quote "Judge Not', as soon as they disagree with someone. One thing I will NOT do is use that verse or that small part of the verse ever on anyone.  When I see it used, a warning bell goes off in my head.   In my opinion, it is used as a total cop-out and that's why I'd never use it.   Go ahead and judge me....with a righteous judgment using the bible, rightly divided.   The bible tells us to judge what we hear and are told. 

We need to judge ourselves first and foremost.  I judge myself and often find myself in the wrong.  My goal is to bring myself under the Lordship of Jesus in all areas, and some of the time, I fail.  However that does not mean that the word of God changes.  There is no one who is completely righteous and without sin.  So if you say that NO one is perfect, then that makes you automatically free to do whatever and no one can speak anything into your life. 

I think as in so many comes down to BALANCE!  Balance is so lacking in the church world.  It seems either we are Puritans who put people in the stocks for missing church or we are telling everyone "you are going to heaven regardless of your lifestyle"  How about let's have balance, share the word of God in love.  Love people where they are at and love them whether or not they ever change.  But let's never compromise the word of God.  

I don't like mean spirited people who use the Bible to hate others, can NOT stand them but neither do I like when people are spineless and fail to use the bible correctly and teach that grace covers everything with no personal responsibilities.  Both ways are dead wrong based on the Word of God.  

I don't fit in with the Bible thumpers, I love people where they are at.  That's not to say I want share truth with someone but I can love a person whether they change or not.  Also I don't fit in with "we are all ok" group either.  I believe in personal responsibility  & the Bible.....

The reason I tell people what the bible says is because I love them.  I don't want anyone to go to hell.  If a person is not a Christian, then I only share with them that SIN separates them from God.  It doesn't matter what sin, for we are all sinners.  Once a person says they are a Christian then it's time to gently guide someone about what the bible says.  Hey, I don't try to get into deep points, I tell people to go read the bible for themselves.  But we as Christians, especially ministers have a responsibility before God to tell the truth.  The bible warns ministers to tell the full story to others.  I believe in a real Hell, and I believe the bible teaches us how to avoid it.  I also believe the bible teaches us we are in trouble if we do not share the whole counsel of God, or you could say, both sides of the story.  Yes God loves with an everlasting love, He is calling people to Him.  But the human race is sinful and we find it hard to lay the sin down, discipline ourselves and live holy.  As Christians we should encourage each other to live as close to God as possible no matter what temptations come our way. 

I'm in the middle....which is fine with me.  Both sides think I'm on the other's ironic....wish I could get the two groups together to discuss ME, that would be funny:)   Oh that's right.....both groups DO discuss me just not together....and both find me wrong.  LOL

Anyway I love everyone....where ever you are at, where ever you stay and no matter what you think of me!  And I want to see everyone in heaven (except Hitler and a few more awful people!)


Thanks for your prayers for my father in law, he seems stable today.  They ran some tests on him, haven't' heard the results yet.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.


  1. Finding balance is truly important! And we do need to know what the consequences of sin are! Thank you for sharing your beliefs, it opens new doors in our minds when we see what others believe, and sometimes, how close they are to our own beliefs! When I read the part on knowing "both sides of the story" it made me think of this article I read some time ago, enjoy :)

  2. Finding balance is truly important! And we do need to know what the consequences of sin are! Thank you for sharing your beliefs, it opens new doors in our minds when we see what others believe, and sometimes, how close they are to our own beliefs! When I read the part on knowing "both sides of the story" it made me think of this article I read some time ago, enjoy :)