Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just another day in Paradise!

Well this has been a busy day for me.  Shad's next to the last day at school and Steve went to work at Habitat for Humanity Restore (working on our family hours)  Sam decided to go buck wild:)  He was into everything.  Spilling juice, grabbing things out of Selah's room....so after lunch I put him in the tub.  Sarah was playing quietly in the living room and I sat on Selah's bath chair and read while he was playing in the tub.  Oh was he happy & laughing.....I found out why in a minute....he pooped in the tub!  Needless to say, he got a shower and I put him  in bed for a nap!

Once he was in bed, I felt obligated to go through mine & the church's mail.  We get so much junk mail it is pathetic!  It hadn't been touched for over a week1  So I got all of that done by the time the boys got home.  Then it was time to go grocery shopping.  At the grocery store, me and my "Bag Boy" (sorry Sam don't know the correct term) got a "civic lesson" in the parking lot.  LOL  I was wearing one of my Ukraine t-shirts and an older man began telling me why Ukraine was in so much turmoil.....  BTW, I'm sure he'd never been to Ukraine nor knew any Ukrainians!  Anyhow poor Sam (who goes to our church) he looked like a deer caught in the headlights! 

Selah has been "off" a little lately.  Generally she's had great oxygen levels.  But lately she's had lower oxygen levels and an elevated heart rate.  Usually when her heart rate is up so is her oxygen levels.  This is just different for her, and it worries me that something is wrong.  She also was making grimaces today which is so unlike her.  We think she may have had some muscle spasms from physical therapy.  We took her leg braces off early and that seemed to make her happy.  She doesn't usually mind the braces so that's why we think   it may have been spasms.  It's so hard to tell with non verbal children.  Sam, Sarah and Selah are all non verbal.  Selah was also before the accident, you just have to watch them and learn them for clues. 

Selah also has a few little cold sores.  She always gets a bump on her cheek, by her nose and in the corner of her mouth.  We've tried so many over the counter remedies but nothing seems to help.  I called the doctor told and he gave us a prescription.  If this doesn't help then he will culture it.  Sarah often gets cold sores too.  We think it is something that is in their system from Ukraine. 

Tonight I made a big salad!  YUM! I've been hearing NOT to buy prepackage salads, they just are not clean.  So I bought an organic head of lettuce, added onion, green pepper, tomato, and the thinnest sliced cucumbers....then I made the best dressing!  We are trying to avoid any vegetable oil that is not Expeller Pressed.  The research I've read, leads me to think that normal vegetable oils are not good for the heart because of the high heat that they get processed at, seems it changes the monocles.  I'm sure I'm not explaining it very good.....but you can research it if you are interested.    Anyhow almost every salad dressing, even "organic"  is made with some type of vegetable oil that is not expeller pressed.  And since oil makes up the majority of salad dressing, I certainly don't want to be ingesting that much non expeller pressed.   Well a friend of my son's gave me the best homemade salad dressing.....

Paige's Apple Cider Dressing
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Dried Basil
Lemon juice
Dijon Mustard
salt & pepper
Olive Oil or Expeller Pressed Vegetable Oil
pinch of sugar
Apple Cider Vinegar (organic)

How much of each?  That's what I asked and she told me to just half & half the Oil and Vinegar, maybe a little less oil than vinegar. ( I think she will grow up to be like my grandmother who could never tell you a recipe since she measured nothing! LOL)   Everything else I just used a baby spoon to measure it out, except for the lemon juice, I put a lot in.  I like lemon juice.   I added Non nitride ham and it was so good.   That's my other thing, we don't eat anything with nitrides in it unless we eat out.  I figure a little is ok but we don't buy any lunch meat with it in it. 

Well I'll finish this discombobulated blog with some pictures I took today


Sam's going to be happy with that watermelon!

I call this sister cats....these two love each other. 
I love sunflowers, they make me happy!

Just another day in Paradise ........


  1. I get cold sores too. Well I get a cold sore. It always shows up in the same spot and it is very annoying. It feels like there is a fly or something like that crawling on the inside of my lip. Mine seems to appear if my body is under stress such as during my menses or if I am getting sick. I use Abreeva for mine. It does seem to shorten the time some but it numbs it so its not so annoying and I don't feel like itching it and its not driving me nuts every second of every day. I put the Abreeva on like every 3 hours or so. I am very careful not to spread it around as I don't want any more in different spots, I try to keep it as isolated as I can being it is on my upper lip. I really feel bad for your kiddos if they get them I would never wish one upon anyone. It definitely could be agitating Selah. So thankful for my Abreeva or I would be miserable.

  2. Good Morning, I wanted to pass a little tip on to you. I have always gotten cold sores for years, they come out of the blue or when I am not eating correctly (or not at all). I started taking Lysine (over the counter med) for my cold sores. As soon as I feel one starting I will take 2 lysine and it will stop it immediately from going any further. I might take one the next day just to make sure, they will dry it up immediately. I have also been told that if you take one lysine pill a day you will never have another cold sore again. I don't like pills so I only take them when I feel one coming on but they sure do work. I am not sure if this is something you can give her as they are "horse pills" and hard for me to even swallow, so you would have to crush it up for her maybe. You might want to ask her doctor if this is something she can have to help her cold sores. My dad and I are the only ones in the family that get them and he takes lysine once a day and has not had any since he started that. Good Luck and have an awesome day! Sherri