Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let it go!

Yesterday I met my close friend (who happened to be my college roommate) for lunch and thrift shopping....we had such fun......

LOOK what we found!  Solid wood!

Look what I bought!

 Good old Salvation Army!!!!!

Look what made it home today!

Now we have room for 8 people around the table!  Our kitchen is small and even tho it doesn't look like it, we have enough room with it in the kitchen.  I'm looking forward to when we move and have a large dining area! 
Steve went with me to pick it up today, wasn't sure if we needed our trailer but we managed to get all of it in our van.  I figured if we could get three kayaks in there, we could get this in there!  We only had to take the leaf out to do it, very easy.  I enjoy doing things with Steve, I realize that all too soon he will have his own life/family and we won't have as much time together. 
So I'm really going through our house as I have time and simplifying.   After working today, I was able to take a bunch of stuff to a thrift store that supports missionaries.   My kids hate when I get in this mood....but I hope to have everything gone through and thinned out long BEFORE we move!   My goal is to keep our home as clutter free as possible.  It's hard with the kids, they get given something or they hang on to things.  The little ones have various medical things so we have so much stuff everywhere.  The nurse and I worked on Selah's room and de-cluttered it to some degree. 
I'm keeping our old table for now, not sure if I'll use it in the new house.  I may have a use for it in the big shed.  Or I may take it to a furniture consignment shop. 
There is also  a consignment shop I take kids stuff to and have made quite a bit of money over the past year.  A few days ago, I just took a load there too. 

My thing is if something hasn't been used, worn or played with for a needs to go! 
So in the famous line of the famous song....."LET IT GO"  


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