Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Flower Project!

I've been reading about the Little Flowers Project on facebook for some time now and have been so impressed with the work they do with orphaned special needs children in China. 

On this  web page  (  )  the ministry is described like this....

The work of Little Flower Projects was begun by Brent and Serena Johnson in 1995 when they became aware of the great need for specialized care programs for the abandoned children living in China.  In 1998 they began the process of setting up as a registered non-profit in the USA and received 501(c)(3) status in 2000.  Brent and Serena have always donated their time, energy, expertise and resources to the organization and accept no salary or financial compensation for their work.  
Brent and Serena met in China as exchange students in the central province of Shanxi in 1990.  After they were married in the USA, they returned to China and started helping babies, one at a time.  They began with no thoughts of doing this work on a large scale, systematic basis but by 1998 they realized how effective these specialized services  were and had secured funding to open a small 12 bed home for disabled orphans.  From 2004 to 2009 they worked with China Care Foundation to help set up and run a unique set of programs serving disabled orphans in China.  In 2009 they again threw their time and energy into  expanding the work of Little Flower.  In 2011 Brent was invited to join the board of directors of the Beijing Chunmiao Foundation, a registered Beijing-based charity.  In 2012 the Little Flower orphan care projects were fully lodged with Chunmiao but continue to be managed by Brent and Serena and operated by the fantastic Little Flower staff.  "

What is interesting to me is they worked with China Care Foundation.....CCF is one of the foundations that gave us a grant to adopt Shad!!!!   It's a small world!

 Here is their FB page

Here is their blog

AND here is their GoFundMe page

As you can see on the GoFundMe page, I gave a donation from the blog/church.  That represents the money raised for little Yuri last month.  If you remember he died before his family could get to him to adopt him. 

I plan on raising money for Little Flower project until this goal of $180,000 is met.  One of their staff, who realizes how hard it can be to reach their monthly budget set this up.  Her goal is to raise the amount needed for one month this way.  I'm sure they are funded in different ways BUT this is a way we can all be a part of giving to this very worthwhile ministry!!!!

So you will be hearing a lot from me about this.......

You can give directly or you can give through our church (for the non computer givers)
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
Attn: Orphan/Adoption fund

If you give directly, will you let me know just so I can keep a tally on how much we give????  Thanks!

I'm so excited about promoting this ministry.

To be honest, it is easy to become jaded with various adoption/orphan ministries.  I LOVE to give and I believe in giving open handed.  But I've seen so much fighting between ministries and organizations.....I am rather sick of it all.  There are ethical questions that are very hard for me personally.....

I LOVE that with giving to Little Flower's project the money goes to the care of the give that child the best chance in life whether the child is adopted through various agencies or even if the child is never adopted.....

So now sharing this with you all, you have a chance to help a child.....


Hope you all had a great weekend!

We had a good church service even tho my husband has almost lost his voice:)  LOL  I told him he sounded like the old time Pentcostals who shouted so much that they lost their voices and sounded hoarse.  Jon had a little something for a couple of days, felt really rotten on Saturday but I think he is on the mend now! 

We went out for a leisurely lunch with two other couples, it was just a nice Father's Day
BTW, we gave Jon a canvas picture of the family and two mounted ones, one with my and Jon and one with him and Sam.  He didn't have any newer pictures of the family in his office so he is happy now!


So I started this week out with a big breakfast for the kids, did I ever tell you how much they love to eat?  Between the four of them, they ate a dozen eggs this morning!  And yes Sarah loves eggs blended with sausage in her Magic Bullet....LOL! 

I love Mondays ( I know I'm a weirdo) so I've started the week out right, already got my blog done for the day.....

We are taking Selah to the orthopedic for an exam and xrays this afternoon.  She seems to have some issues with her hips and we are concerned that her hip joint goes in and out.  Please pray that we find out for sure what is going on with her.  We can not stand to see her in any pain but are so thankful she can express it when she is in pain! 

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  1. I have read your blog for along time now. Your faith is so inspiring to me. I have blog for my so as well. We do therapy with Noah that we feel that has helped a lot. It is for children with cp, near drowing and TBI. It is called ABR. They have a website.