Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up!

Well I gave myself a bit of a vacation......after dealing with Shad being sick and Steve away at camp....I was so busy till Steve got home on Monday.  He had a great time and really took this time to get to know some older Christian guys better.  He really felt like being at camp helped him to clarify his life better.  He came home with a ton of dirty clothes and some good memories. 

The last couple of days, we've had storms during the times I would go on my blog.  Our internet gets knocked off so easily as we are on satellite.  And we also DVR'd a three part series of WW2.  Actually it started back on WW1 and before and showed how everything came together to form the "perfect storm" so to speak.  We are only at the beginning of WW2 because each part is 2 hours long and it's hard for us to get it done.  So altogether things just conspired to keep me away LOL

Do you remember Baby Sabrina?  She is the grandchild of some close friends of mine.  She had man complications at birth due to the lack of care the doctor delivering her gave them.   Well I got to meet her today.  She is just gorgeous!   A beautiful 6 month old little girl, chunky as she can be:)  Oh my goodness is she adorable!    Her sweet parents have been given a lot of bad news about what her abilities will be in the future.  Please pray for them and for her as they seek out medical assistance!  They are taking her next month to Boston Children's to see if there is any help they can give her.  Pray for a safe trip and some good news!    Her mom, grandma and her came over for lunch today.  Her grandpa and uncle stopped by also to drop some things off.  It was good to see them. 

We also had a couple of guys from the church here to work with Steve on the lawn.  He had gotten up and had about half the lawn done before they got here.  He didn't think about them needing volunteer hours for school. 

Then we had a teacher here for about 5 hours.....our nurse.....  we had a full house for Pizza~

Later I ran out to meet a friend to get a pedicure (actually I just got a foot massage) and we went to Publix together to get supper.  She was grilling steak and that sounded GOOD!  so I got steak too and some other things (of course)   My friend also has 5 we kid around together that we have 10 kids between us with SIX baby daddies.....  see If you can figure that one out.....

Get back home in the SECOND hurricane of the day.  I LOVE Florida thunderstorms, just not when I'm out in them!  Get soaked coming in then hadto change clothes,  tried to get supper going so it could be done by the time Jon got home.  Who was I kidding?  Realized the dog had peed (despite being on chux) all over the laundry room.  (yes I love 14 year old Lab)   so I start cleaning the laundry room and found litter (as in cat litter) all behind some plastic boxes....NOT HAPPY with a certain boy.   Then as I go back to the kitchen....I noticed Sarah, who a certain boy was supposed to be watching...Poop all over the rug.   Then the wet vac had to be used.....  By this time I was "fit to be tied"  Not one of my best parenting moments! 

THEN I had JUST sat down and a homeless man comes up.....poor guy we fed him, Steve got him some clothes and then he & Jon took him to Lakeland, where he wanted to go.  By that point, I said I really hoped we were "entertaining angels unaware"   I was about DONE for the day!

So that's the recap of the last few days, with emphasis on today LOL!

So anyone heard about this?   

This happened in our county.  The bus helper smacked a 10 year old autistic boy over & over....  I've had so many problems with the Pasco Co School District, I am not surprised by this.  I heard on the news tonight that the mom has began legal proceedings against the PCSB and has same attorney that was Casey Anthony's attorney.  Well I don't' blame her!   To be honest, I'd would have a lawyer if I were her! 

I have many thoughts running through my head about this.  I've heard that parents have complained off and on about him over the years.  I just let a teacher go a couple of weeks ago after she yelled at Sam in front of me repeatedly.  I figure if she'd do that IN FRONT OF ME, what the heck would she do if I was not watching her????    She always seemed irritated  with him, and never could get through to him.  We have another teacher who keeps his attention for 2 hours on some days and he doesn't want her to leave. 

There is a blog coming on, I just don't' have the time to write it all down.  I feel my kids have been so let down by the school district here.  It's been a "hot mess" one problem after another.  If I just document this year alone, I've told several teachers not to come back to my house or I've told their bosses.  Our experience has been either the very best or the very worst, not too much in between.   I have a reputation as a hard mom to get along with and I'm glad of that and will always be that way.  The funny thing to me is, my other kids go to a private school where in all these years (about 8 now of having a kid or kids there) I've never once gone in to complain about a teacher or had any problems at all.  I support the teachers and they support us!  I have trust in them and in the administration of the school.  Steve went to another school before we came here from K-3 to 3rd grade, never had an issue.....  So I wonder where is the issue?  Is it me or could it be the school district?  

Anyhow  look for a blog about our experiences, documented. 

Please continue to keep my father in law in your prayers.  He is actually in a rehab~we really didn't think he'd make it.   One doctor said last weekend that the family should stay close by......   please continue to pray for him, he is 86 years old with several health issues. 

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