Saturday, June 7, 2014

Steve's Grad Pictures!

Well let's get this thing started!
Pomp & Circumstance
I shared about Steve after his video was shown....I cried....a lot!
Johnny shared the Commencement address
the sermon
Awarding Steve's diploma



yes he got his cap stuck!


Sam's favorite teacher came to see him.

he sniffed her

It is really Ms Heather!!!!!!!!

Steve's board and some pictures

                                                                       the boys get to eat first
Anna served and you know we had to have Swamp Punch & Fried Chicken!




my beautiful niece and brother in law

Steve's friend Paige


Gabe, Jonathan and Sam

Jonathan & Steve

the grads

Steve & Drew!

More Grads

Anna, Steve and Paige

Steve & Paige

the whole gang

What a FUN day!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  It was a great day!





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  1. Congratulations Mama!
    Too funny about the hat...