Friday, June 20, 2014

STREP & Vacation plans


Sam has strep!  Jon has a really bad sinus  I'm leaving home!!!!!

Jon has been sick since last weekend but wouldn't got to the doctor.  Sam started acting sick yesterday afternoon but no fever or anything too bad.  But this morning he was hacking and fussy.

I took both of them to Urgent Care.

Jon singing (croaking) to Sam to keep him quiet

This is the FIRST time ever we have taken Sam somewhere that didn't know him or that wasn't an ER.  When he was younger and would get sick, he'd get so very sick and there were so many issues going on.  This time I thought it would be so much easier to take him at the same time Jon went.  I was prepared to take him to our ped if I needed to but that's about 45 minutes away.  I was so proud that Sam is so much more normal medically that he could go to a regular clinic!!!  WOOHOO!  He has come a long way.

This is the same doctor who saw Shad last weekend (and who gave him a shot)  She also gave Sam a shot!  I LOVE doctors who give kids antibodic shots!   Nowadays doctors don't want to give shots, they all want to give the "pink medicine" that is weak and kids spit out of their mouths!  A shot takes care of things, easier for everyone and I think it ensures that the infection is killed. 

When I was kid, I went to a doctor who had an office at his house.  He would also make house calls.  Dr. Baker would give you a shot in the butt every time you were sick!  I hated it!!!   Dr Baker would also tell you all about everyone else in town.....No HIPPA laws back then LOL!

So many younger doctors don't want to give the shots anymore.  In my opinion, the shots are GREAT!  You hear all about drug resistant infections nowadays, it's probably because the kids don't take the full 10 days of antibodics and the illness never leaves their bodies.  A shot knocks it right out!

Today she gave the super shot, the one that last for 10 days.  We left the office and went to eat, by the time we'd finished eating, Sam was almost back to normal.  I was so thankful!  That shot is strong but it's good.


We also had a short meeting with one of the builders of our new home.  A friend of mine has had a little training and a lot of fun, working on house plans.  She worked up several for us, just for fun.  I submitted all of them to Habitat for Humanity....and they actually are going to use one of them:)
There are a few changes to make here and there but basically the floor plan will stay the same:)  It's hard for me to look at the floor plans without getting too excited, LOL 

There are many things I like about the plans, the one of the best parts is that we will have a front porch and a back patio.  As you can tell by our pictures, we love to be outside.  Both areas will be screened so it will be easier to be outside with NO bugs!  Florida has many bugs, pretty much all year round, so it will be wonderful not to have to worry about getting bit up.  We have to watch the little ones closely as they don't know how to deal with bugs biting them.   I can't wait to be able to sit outside with no worries.  Both porches will be big enough for the kids to play on.  It's going to be great!


We are leaving for the River this weekend after church and I'm proud to say I am packed!  (No I'm not worried about anyone breaking in...we have an alarm system, a big dog, 3 great neighbors who LOVE to shot guns  and people staying here with Selah & the nurses -of which some carry......  we are good and protected)    Anyhow I feel almost back to normal.  I am normally one of those people who pack days ahead of time.  Since the accident, I've had such a hard time doing things in the same way I used to do.  It's like I could not concentrate.   This is the first time, I've felt like I could organize things correctly.  It feels good to feel a bit more normal, than I have in a long time.

So we are going with some dear friends who we have vacationed together with before, to stay at the Suwannee River.  We are bringing my niece also.  We've rented cabins that are just gorgeous.  Two bedroom, full kitchen, living room and wrap around porch with swings.  It's similar to the one we stay in last November but this one is up off the ground, so high that it has an elevator.  The area we are going to floods often so it has to be high up to keep from being flooded.  It's located on a clear spring that goes into the Suwannee. 

We (Jon, Steve, Shad and I) have kayaks.  Our friends do too PLUS a motor boat.  We love to be out on the river.  There are enough of us, that we take turns with the little ones.  We don't take them out.    The guys had gotten kayaks last year.  I knew I didn't like canoes but until I tried the kayaks, I had no idea of the difference.  Kayaks are so much easier than canoes and don't tip over that easy.  However we all will be wearing life vests since we will be on a deep river.  Plus in Florida anyone under 16 years old has to have on one if they are on a boat of any kind. 

We'll be near my hometown, so I'm hoping to be able to get with some of my friends.  Growing up in a small town, a Southern small town, is so much more of a treasure than I knew at the time.  It doesn't' take much for me to feel nostalgic for home.  Just driving through town, it brings back so many memories to me.  Now with the boys older, I want to show them some places that mean something to me.  I hope I can drag them away from the river long enough to get them over there!

We love being out in nature, there is just something that fills my heart when I'm out in the woods, or on the river.  It calls to me and refreshes me.  We lived in NYC & at the time, I loved the city.  But now, I can't hardly stand to be in Tampa, I feel stressed until I hit the outskirts and take one of the country roads to our house, then I feel like I can exhale. 

Recently we had two guys stop by who are regular "woods walkers".  They are older and like to park at our church and go into the woods from here.  They had some aerial pictures of our area that showed just how much forest (hundreds of acres - almost all of it protected land) surround us.  It's wonderful to be able to live out in the country like this.   Where we are moving is the same, a few houses, and then the woods. 

Jon and I go walking in the woods and we go out so far, that there is no noise but the sound of birds or wind in the trees.  Sometimes when we have been walking for miles, I'm thrilled when I can hear an automobile sound, I know I'm going to be done soon LOL!   But when you are out so far that there is no other noises, it is refreshing.  If I were braver, I'd go by myself and walk out there every day instead of where I walk, but I'm just not that brave.  Jon has seen a Florida panther and regularly sees bobcats and coyotes.  Of course, snakes too, all kinds of creatures.  But those creatures don't worry me as much as some 2 legged creatures.  

Glad I got the guys to the doctor, they should be fine by then.  And we are hopeful that no one else will get sick!


the above picture was taken yesterday as my van's hitch was being worked on.  U Haul gave me a truck to use while they tried to fix some issues so we can use our trailer to haul our kayaks in this weekend.  It was fun driving the truck!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Enjoy your time away! Praying it is without incident and with many blessings!