Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Yesterday Selah had an appointment with orthopedics.  We've thought  she  had something going on with her left leg/hip.  So we found out Selah will have to have surgery on her hip:( She never stood much and had only started walking 4 months before we got her (she was 7 yrs old)   Her cartilage & femur did not develop correctly and now with the tendons being tight due to spasticity, it's pulling her leg bone out of the hip socket. Poor baby. The doctor feels she is not in constant pain, probably only when we've seen her make faces during therapy. It will get worse without surgery.   We are planning on the surgery the first available which is early July. 
Before the accident, Selah walked a little but would make grumpy noises when she had to go more than a few feet.  She much rather be carried or in a stroller.  Evidently all the years of not weight bearing on her legs prior to immediately before we adopted her damaged her hip sockets. 
I feel really sad that she is going to have to have anything else done to her.  We are so careful with her, making sure she gets plenty of PT and time in her stander to guard against additional problems but the doctor felt this would have happened anyhow.  Please keep her in your prayers! 
I'm so excited about getting involved with this great project to help medically needy Chinese orphans.  I asked for their mailing address if you'd like to send a check directly to their work...
Little Flower Projects 
P.O. Box 1235 
Kearney, NE 68848

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  1. Ahh poor pumpkin! I hate that she has to go in the hospital again and that all of you will be ou tof your routines. Will the surgery be close to home? I keep you in my prayers.