Sunday, June 1, 2014

yes we are alive:)

WOW what a crazy busy few days!

Steve's graduation and party was just perfect....except I cried "ugly tears"  LOL  I'll put the video my friend did of Steve  up tomorrow, it's on youtube but on "private" so you can't see it.  It was perfect:)  Another one of my friends took pictures too but hasn't had the time to post them yet. 

Today was my niece's birthday lunch after church.  We had a wonderful time but got a call saying my father in law was back in the hospital.  Please keep him in prayer that the meds will work and he'll have relief from the congestive heart failure.  His body really needs to respond to the meds quickly.  He seems to be comfortable and very peaceful.   He has dementia but seemed to know me.  he was so cute with the doctor, she asked if she could listen to his heart and he said "yes if you'd like to", it was just so his personality coming through.  He is a great guy, thank you for your prayers for him!


Here's our picture at lunch today....Sam is behind Steve.  Sarah ate 3 bowls of soup, she was quite happy!

Later at the hospital lobby....these two fell asleep:) 
we didn't' have a stroller with us, luckily there were some wheelchairs.  Sam doesn't like to walk far distances, especially at nap time! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Hope to post lots of things tomorrow!
!!!!!!  I got some emails/posts saying that the handicapped van contest is STILL not over as far as there are new winners to announce next week.  I've not even been on line all weekend long so I've not looked in to it, we will find out more tomorrow...

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