Friday, July 25, 2014

100 Volunteer Hours

Our 100 volunteer hours for Habitat for Humanity are done:)  Steve & I worked today while Jon kept the younger kids.  Before we started volunteering at HH, I never knew how much work goes into a thrift store.  HH runs thrift stores in order to make money to buy supplies and things needed for the houses they build.  Steve normally helps move furniture and that is an all day job, new things coming in, things being he was taught how to run the cash register.  My duties are usually to go through clothes and cull out the really stained and dirty things.  It seems to becoming my weekly job which is fine.  As a perk, I find clothes for the kids:)  (boy did I find some nice stuff that I bought for the girls!)  I also straighten up that area.  Today I got that done early and then helped to stock the shelves and to price things.  As soon as I finished one buggy, more stuff came in and I had another buggy to do!   We still are in need of folks in this area who could volunteer for our family at either the Dade City Restore or the Zephyrhills Restore.  As a requirement for our new house, we have to have 100 hours given by volunteers for us.  And since Steve has been offered a job there, it's in their regulations that ALL our hours have to be in before he can start.  Luckily we can work on the volunteer hours ourselves.  One friend has done 16 hours so we only have 84 hours to do before Steve can actually start working at HH as an employee.    SO if you live in this area, we'd appreciate the help in getting the hours in.  We know we have some groups that will be helping on the house and normally that would be all we'd need.  But we have to get those hours in earlier so Steve can start working:)  They are a great group of folks and we are just thrilled that Steve will have the opportunity to work his first job there.  Who knows what doors that will open for him and how it will affect his long term future.....  He's already thinking of what kind of degree he'd need to run a charity like HH.....

Please pray for Selah.  She had an alarming situation this morning.  Her oxygen level went into the 70's early this morning.  Her nurse actually bagged her as she was putting on the oxygen.  We've never had to do that before.  Selah responded fine within just a few minutes and has not had another issue with her oxygen level.  But she threw up/spit up a little this morning, again this afternoon and now tonight.  We are just giving her Pedilyte tonight to see if she can handle it.  All kids get little bugs and as long as we can keep her hydrated, then there is no reason to take her to the hospital.  Thank God for our nurses!!!  I'd be very fearful if I didn't have them here. 

I want to thank a couple of folks.....
Thank you Shirley from Ohio for the pink butt paste.  So far it has done better on Sarah than the two prescriptions we've tried and certainly better than anything over the counter!!!!  Thank you!  And it smells nice:)

Thank you Jennifer from Texas for the nice gloves!  What an nice encouraging note and present to come home to this afternoon.  I have to admit my garden has not done as good this year as usual.  However we did harvest all our sunflowers for one of our nurses who has a big bird.  My carrots are ready to come out to as soon as I do a stew. 

I love the emails I've been getting lately too.  It's fun to hear back from you all. 

Also I want to remind you of our orphan project LITTLE FLOWERS!    We've had $400 come in to send to them.  I'm waiting till the end of the month to see if more will come in and send it all at once.  We have sent them $200 so far so we will have sent them $600.  I follow them on FB
on their blog
and this is their GoFundMe page where you can give directly to them without sending a check to the church

I LOVE what they do for the special needs orphans of China.

If I could just do whatever I wanted....I'd love to run an orphanage somewhere in the world for special needs kids.   I can not think of a better way to pour out this one life I have than that.  Of course I have my little ones here to love and take care of and I do it realizing the honor I have been given by having these little ones (and my other two also) to care for.  It's not a chore, it's like being close to an angel.  I'm not trying to sound spiritual or sloppily sweet but that is really how I feel.

When we were in Ukraine, I was left in a room with the older girl that we sponsor.  I had tears running down my face as I was holding her and looking at the other children.  There were probably 20 or more severely handicapped children in there.   There has never been a time in my life where I  have  felt the presence  of God like I did in that room.  There are no words to tell you how affected I was by that experience.  It shook me, and quite honestly I thought God was going to bring us back there to work with the orphans.  And let me tell you, I embraced it, even with the horrible Ukraine food (sorry to my Ukraine friends, you probably wouldn't like our Southern food either.....) I was ready to stay!   It was more than an emotional experience, obviously I understand all the ramifications of being responsible for three special needs children. 

But if I could make my own path in life, that would be the path I'd chose.  After the accident, I realized we could not do that with Selah needing so much medical care and that's fine.  I rest in and am content in where God has me and my family. I trust Him to open the doors He wants us to go through.  But I can share about wonderful ministries I know about and we can raise money to help them carry on their mission! 

BTW, the diet was pretty much out the window today!  I did want to clarify that I did NOT eat any brownies LOL .  I am not tempted much by sweets, I'm a meat and potato girl:)   Ever now and then I want a piece of candy but it's rare for me.  Also I'm eating on a small salad plate so I can remind myself of portion control.  I'm only dieting because my doctor feels it will keep me from having any of the problems that so many have as they get older.  I'm quite happy with how I look 99% of the time.  I was SHOCKED when he said I needed to lose 50 pounds, I think that is too much but I want to be healthy for the LONG term as I have lots of little ones dependent on me. 

To make sure I get all my fruits and veggies for the day, I drank V-8 juice.  It's got no added sugars and in each 8 oz glass is 1/2 the day's veggie and 1/2 the day's fruit needed.    So that fills in to ensure I get the veggies/fruits I need because honestly I'm not a big veggie/fruit person.  Over the years, I've made myself learn to like certain things and I do like salads (make my own dressing)  but it is challenging to me to get all the fruit and veggie servings I need! 

Well hope you have a great weekend, please pray for Selah that we can handle her at home and not have to take her to the ER!!!!


  1. I'm greatful my mother had me to eat a bit of everything as a child... I hated food and cried at each meal... Now I love all those veggies she had me eat ! ;)
    eggplants, courgettes, cabbage... :) go go go ! ;) (I'm teasing you ! never to late to start ! )

    1. Agree! My family never made me try things. I've had to learn to like veggies as an adult. My kids are a little better than I was. Sam is the BEST eater of them all