Thursday, July 3, 2014

Am I a Foodie?

Yesterday's post was a deep thoughtful post.  This post  might seem silly in comparison but there are a lot of thoughts going through my head right now.  I will be sharing tomorrow some of our friends' story who are refuges in Ukraine and how you can help them.  There is so much going on in this world right now, that everything seems light and frivolous  in comparison. 


So here is the picture from last night's supper to prove I cooked....  Meatloaf, corn on the cob, baked beans and mac & cheese!

Then I also made lasagna roll ups with left over noodles from the night before. 
Just lay the noodle out,
put sauce and cheese on it and whatever stuffing
roll it secure it with a toothpick
bake 350

This morning I decided to boil peanuts.  It takes about 8 hours of boiling so you have to know you are going to be home all day!

If you don't live in the south, you probably don't eat boiled peanuts but they are so good!
Just buy some raw peanuts
put them in a big pot with lots of water and salt
boil for 8 hours
keep adding water and salt
They are so good! 
Oatmeal cookies too

this is what 8 quarts of boiled peanuts look like.

then supper tonight
yellow rice and Mexican lasagna

Mexican lasagna is so easy
just brown your meat   (I used a mix of ground chicken and beef)
add taco seasoning
put a layer of tortilla down
layer the meat and Mexican cheese on the tortillas
I did three layers
You can add beans or tomatoes, corn in the Mexican lasagna but Mr Picky (Steve) was home for supper so I just did the meat and cheese. 
So I'm seriously thinking about writing a Cook Book
one that is EASY and good food.
I hate cook books that have 50 steps to do something and ingredients you've never heard of before
And I also hate the easy ones that are so unhealthy
I want to write one that is cooking from scratch or close to scratch.  I do use canned veggies like baked beans but nothing that is processed.   Anyhow I am serious about writing a cook book that moms can actually use!
I came across this article today......
Please read this. This is the new lifestyle we've tried our best to adopt in the last few years. Much less processed foods, REAL butter- meat that is organic, grass fed beef, free range chickens & eggs. We still eat lower fat because of J...on's family heart history choosing chicken over beef. At home we are pretty strict about this, but we do eat out. But we rarely eat fast food when we do eat out.

The BIG thing is we stay away from Vegetable oils Look in the ingredients of what you buy, almost everything has Palm. Soybean, corn. safflower, etc.....we only buy things that use Expeller pressed oils which are thought to be much better. However I try to stay away from them also.

Basically I don't buy anything that has ingredients that I can't pronounce/never heard of or if something has 20 ingredients....we are not perfect. I still use sugar I do try and buy things that have less sugar and that don't have high fructose syrup. High Fructose syrup is in a lot of things also! HOWEVER be careful when you go for lower sugar- Splenda (sucralose) can be in lower sugar things. It's been linked to leukemia in kids so my doctor told me (we used to give the kids Roaring Waters by Caprisun to drink)


Please keep praying for Ukraine- so much is going on there.  Our friends have given me permission to share their story and I will tomorrow and share how you can help them out. 

Selah's surgery is set for Tuesday.  I dread it, hate for her to be in a hospital with nurses who don't "know" her and the worry of her getting sick in there.  Plus I hate to think of her being in any pain.  The doctor said the pain should be minimal but isn't that what they always say?   Please keep Selah in your prayers!

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  1. Praying for Ukraine. Glad something is helping Sarah's rash a bit, hopefully you get some answers from the dermatologist. I love your food pictures, makes me so hungry. I typically don't use cook books, but if you made one I would for sure get one. Praying for Selah's upcoming surgery as well.