Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 2 DIET and Throw back Thursday!

Ok day 2 of the diet/life change.  I got my 2 mile walk in.  I did an extra lap around one corner of the cardiac hill.  When I've not been walking consistently, I get awful shin pains, I've learned to build UP my walking distance and make sure I get potassium, that seems to help.  I was tempted today to go longer but I thought I might have an issue.  I've also added some exercise to my day.  Leg lifts, stomach crunches and sit ups.  YES my stomach muscles are sore!  VERY Sore!  There were years in my teens and early 20's that I would not go to bed until I did 100 leg lifts, crunches, sit ups, and all kinds of other exercises.  I had a whole routine I went through, don't think I'll get back to that full routine!

So in the quest to be healthier, of course I've had to cook:)
Last night I cooked spaghetti with ground chicken.  When I cook things, I try and make the healthiest choices, whole grain  pasta with added vegetables in it.   Ground Chicken instead of beef and I always use the Perdue brand as it says no antibodics given to the chicken.   The pasta sauce had no additives.  Always check for added vegetable oils in things, most brands have that in them. 

Tonight we are having a chicken/rice casserole that my mother in law used to make.  She wasn't a big cook like my family was but it was one of her meals I really liked.  I found the recipe in a book a few years ago and we are sure it is the same one she used.  It's modified a bit to be more healthy but it is really good.  With it we are having mashed potatoes and "healthy" brownies that I made from a mix that had no chemicals or additives in it.  I add FLAX seed to the casseroles I make, it gives it a little health boost that is undetectable by my oldest child who is AWFUL to cook healthy for!

Finally I used my bread maker again and I have fresh bread cooking.  It makes the house smell so good.  I added Flax seeds to the bread also.

Yesterday I came across this article on FB
I checked our ice cream and it was in it!  I threw the ice cream out.... 
carrageenan.  I looked it up and it seems it's been banned in some countries, at least in foods marked organic and in baby foods.  There seems to be some debate about its inflammatory process which is where the concern lies.....   I decided to ban it in my house!

So when I go to the grocery store, I have a magnifying glass with me so I can read the ingredients of things.  It's quite embarrassing BUT it is the only way to know exactly what is in the products I buy. 
I'm not a nutso organic person but WHEN I know to do better, I feel obligated to do so. I really try to think of how my family cooked when I was a girl.  Everything was made from scratch, and they all stayed healthy even tho they didn't eat the lowest fat or the lowest calorie.  Nothing was processed.....  that was only 40 something years ago....   I want to cook healthy good tasting food like that for my family.  It takes more time but it is so much better.  And I find with good satisfying food, I naturally eat less and feel fuller. 

BTW, I use a BIG magnifying glass at home to read my books....yes I suffer ridicule BUT then I find people wanting to borrow it to be able to read little print!

Tomorrow I'm planning on working at Habiat for Humanity with Steve.  As of today he has 87.5 hours in towards our 100 hours.  By tomorrow we should have all the hours in.  We still need about 80 volunteer hours so Steve can start working there as an employee.  They've offered him a job, but per their rules, ALL the volunteer hours must be in.  Tomorrow he is going to train on the cash register.  The person who runs the register is the one who gives the volunteers assignments so he can't wait to tell me what to do!  He's been waiting 18 long years for this moment:) 

Thursdays are like our family's Friday as Jon is off on Friday and Saturday.  We look forward to Thursday nights and take a deep breath!

Here are some funny Throw Back Thursday Pictures from the summer of 1986, I was doing my internship in Brooklyn NY, working in an inner city ministry called Metro Ministries.


Ernest and me outside the church

Me and a friend at Times Square one night

Izzy and me in Central Park
Our whole group in Central Park
This was a picture from Epcot spring of 85 and some of my dearest friends!
One of my roomates and me our freshman year

Me and one of my best friends Meich my Junior year of college

Darryl and me at SEC

These pictures make me smile:)  LONG time ago, a few almost 30 years ago!  WOW!  UNREAL how fast time goes by! I love that most of those folks are still life long friends even if we don't see each other very much.  Just feeling nostalgic! I can assure you that that young girl in those pictures had absolutely NO idea she would be the mom of FIVE kids....that was the LAST thing on my mind LOL!!!!!!!


  1. The Harcombe Diet produces good results, and is all about cooking from scratch. You could adapt the meals to include pasta for your children and substitute vegetables as adults typically don't need as many carbs.

    1. I'll look into that. Great idea.

  2. Hello ! I have been following your blog for a while from time to time. I am i nterested by your diet ;)
    I am surprised by what you eat ;) Chicken:rice casserol and mashed potatoes ?
    I would have rice or potatoes ! ;) (I live in France)
    I would have veggies or some kind of salad with it and no brownies ! ;)
    It would be a fresh fruit or a dairy product like yogurt. ;)
    Makes me laugh how following the country we eat so diffrently. :)
    Must go and make my home made bread !
    I am trying to loose weight but it comes from medecines I take... I can't work out...
    Looking forward to follow your journey !

    1. LOL yeah it was a bunch of carbs wasn't it!
      I am using a small salad plate and not getting seconds. If I eat things like that, I feel fuller and I think I eat less. We generally have a salad but I need to go grocery shopping! I didn't eat any brownie:)

    2. a tip : weigh yourself in the morning... you are always lighter then in the evening ! :)