Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Selah had a good doctor's appointment.  Her hip is healing nicely, he took an xray and everything is perfect.  The doctor was very pleased with the results:)   She goes back in a month and then he'll left some of her physical therapy restrictions.  He anticipates this surgery has taken care of the problem with her hip.  I'm so thankful!  She did good traveling in the car, I was worried but she is a pro:)

So I have started a diet.
My doctor actually wants me to lose 50 pounds!  (I was shocked!)  He told me awhile ago but I've not been able to really devote time to doing this yet.  I'm not so overweight but he basically said if I lose 50 pounds, I should have no real heath issues that are brought on by weight or food ever.  He said I'd live to be 100 so let me get to working on it.

I've weighed around the same-within 10 pounds- for 25 years.  After Selah's accident I quickly lost about 30 pounds because I couldn't eat and when I did eat, I'd get horribly sick on my stomach.  I bought some clothes at a thrift shop in NY, and in spite of the circumstances, I was amazed that I lost that much weight so quickly.  But I gained it back once we came home. 

I'm pretty active, in fact much more active than I was in my late 20's and throughout my 30's.  I'm much more aware of what I eat now too.

When I was a teen and throughout my first couple of years of college I struggled with bulimia.  I didn't gorge and purge, I'd just eat a normal meal...and purge.  At the worst I became anorexia, no one recognized it for what it was, back then no one really knew about A & B.

The CRAZY thing was I came up with doing all that on my own!  At one point, I saw a tv show about anorexia and bulimia and realized I was not the only one who did that!  I KNOW why I did it, I did not want to become like my birth mother who was quite large.  I was paranoid about getting fat!

When I began to work with the homeless and the street people while in college, I got my mind off of ME and really began to overcome this behavior with Gods' help.

When I married Jon, he was quite the health freak.  He was big into exercise and eating right as his dad had just had open heart surgery and Jon did not want to have heart disease.  We ate a lot of "health foods" highly processed foods with low fat.  We always looked at the fat content of everything and whether a food had saturated fat and how much....

Then we began to learn healthier ways of eating.  Once we got the diagnosis on Sam (he's missing half of  a chromosome that protects him from liver cancer )  We started buying more organic and less processed foods.  We still buy fat free Organic Milk, and low or fat free sour creams, ricotta cheeses and cheese.  We eat more ground chicken than ground beef.  So we are careful to some degree about what we eat.  I'm really good at home, where I have control and can actually see what my meal is made from than I am when I'm out eating and I eat out way too much!

Some weeks I do so good....other weeks NOT so good.

For years I've been a WALKER.  At one point I was walking with a friend 3-5 miles a day on a cardiac track.  I walked before my friend started walking with me but then once we got the girls, it was really hard to go and then my friend was working....things changed.   I'd gotten so used to walking with a friend, it was hard to walk alone!!

Since we've been home, I've walked sporadically.  Last summer I did do classes almost daily at the YMCA but it's been hard for me to get back in the habit. 

I realize that exercise alone will not help me lose weight but I exercise because it keeps all my blood levels healthy.  For me to lose weight is to change my diet and eat LESS!  Even when I was walking all those miles every day but Sunday, I didn't' lose any weight.  My friend lost 80 pounds!  (and I hated her!)  But I do like to walk and I walk fast and hard.  I like to sweat and love how I feel after I'm done! But for me, I have to eat less.  I eat healthy 75% of the time but that 25% is what keeps me from losing weight. 

Since 2008 I have been a regular exerciser.  So for 6 years (with the exception of the 6 months after the accident) I've worked out.  Then last fall, I began to be so sporadic once school had started back.  I feel like exercise is so very important.  I could just quit eating and lose weight but I'm concerned about my heart and health more than that! 

Anyhow I have a goal, I'm going to see how this goes.  I'd like to hit 50 years old (next year) as a fit and healthy person.

Today I walked 2 miles on the cardiac track.  It is a work out~!  I'm keeping a food diary, so let's see what happens!

So my goal is to lose the 50 pounds by January 1 2015. 
****** if you wonder how my back/shoulder/neck is's "better"  I sleep with a airplane neck pillow and it seems to help the pain in my neck.  It's still stiff but not so painful.  My shoulder/back hurts all the time but it is more manageable.  Exercise really does help the pain more than anything else!


Thanks for all the folks who joined my blog site and who did it by email!!!!  YEAH! 

To the friend who sent me the PINK Salve for Sarah.  We are continuing to try everything and the pink salve seems to work better than the two prescriptions she's been given.   I can not get rid of this diaper rash.  It's just on her hips and doesn't seem to bother her.  With the pink salve, it's not getting worse and seems a little better but it's still there.  Thank you again for sending it!!!

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