Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting ready for surgery!

Tomorrow is Selah's surgery at 12:30 pm (EST) please pray for her.  For some reason, I'm really nervous about this surgery.  I PRAY it will be the answer for her hip issue and not be too painful during the recovery time. 

Between the kids, we have endured more than 75 surgeries, or exams under anesthesia.  Most of the time, it's been just been Jon & me together waiting.  Now with more kids, it's seems that it's more just me as one of us has to be with the other kids or at least in the same town.  That is hard.  This time one of my closest life long friends has moved to Tampa and will be with me.  That is huge to me.   I don't think I've ever had anyone besides Jon with me waiting for a child in surgery.    It's lonely.  Waiting rooms are awful places for a parent to be.   Steve will be keeping Sarah and Sam, and Shad will probably come with me.   Jon will be working and able to come home if he is needed.  It gets complicated......

Anyhow please pray for her!  Thank you!

More good news coming out of Ukraine!
It seems the Ukraine army is taking back cities from the Pro-Russian (Russian) groups.  Still praying for our friends and all the orphans caught up in this. 

We woke up this morning to the sound of sledgehammers.   I could not figure out what was going on but went outside to see that huge tarps cover the side of our country road.  It is being widen.  We are NOT happy.  We have cars coming onto this road at 60 miles per hour.  There is a sloping entrance to our road off the bigger country road and people come down it like they are hitting the interstate.  The ONLY thing that kept some people to the speed limit of 30mph was the fact the road is so narrow.  We are REALLY glad we are moving now! 

Steve worked at Habitat for Humanity today and brought back updated plans for the new house.  it just keeps getting better and better:)   They've added an attic to our storage room off the carport!  And they've increased some of the bedroom sizes.  It's going to be an amazing house to raise our kids in, I'm just in shock still and that's just from the plans! 

Steve is really hoping that he can get a job working for HH while he is in college.  He enjoys working with the folks there.  I thought he'd like it, but I had no idea how much fun he'd have.  He works like a dog moving furniture, loading up furniture  & doing various other jobs around but he really enjoys his time there.  I'm hoping they will hire him on at some point.

Jon got today off instead of last Friday, so he went to buy some waterproof snake boots and then he headed out for his beloved woods.  There is a lot of water this year and he's basically ruined a pair of tennis shoes PLUS he's seen more snakes than usual.  We have poisonous water snakes called "cotton mouths" or water moccasins.  He has seen a few recently and having to cross watery areas, it makes sense to have boots on!

Steve came back from his kayak trip safe & sound late last night.  They had a blast.  We had awful weather and just an hour north of us, was good weather-I'm glad!  Now I'm ready to go to Weechie-Wachie springs again! 

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Praying for sweet Selah tonight and will continue tomorrow. It has to be hard to not know for sure about her pain level. I know she will let you know when it hurts but my heart just goes out to her (and you!). Glad you will have good company while you wait through her surgery. Will be looking forward to an update!

  2. Praying that surgery is on schedule and that your little girl is comfortable and calm as she is prepared. God is able!!!

  3. IT's almost 4pm and I'm praying that the surgery is over and all is well. Give Selah kisses and remind her how loved she is by lots of people.