Friday, July 4, 2014

Helping Believers in Ukraine!!!!!

Our dear friends,  the pastor and staff of the Pentecostal church in the town we adopted our girls are refugees right now.  A few weeks ago, gunman came to the church told them to leave or they would be killed on the spot.  They left knowing that the CHURCH is so much more than a building.  Then things became so hostile they had to quickly leave their homes with just a few things with them and travel to the Western side of Ukraine for their families' safety.  Our church has been praying for them and we were able to help them some.  There are at least 8 adults and 4 or 5 children.  These are people who have faithfully served God in a society that did not quite understand them. 

Ukraine has a national church the Russian Orthodox church.  Being apart of it is approved of by society.  It is interwoven in the fabric of the country. 

Being a part of the Protestant movement is not as accepted. 

We'd been afraid that our friends might become targets in this war torn country.

These folks were doing outreaches through their church to the community in the months and weeks leading up to this.  Just a few weeks before they had gone into the Women's Prison and did a service in which many woman came to Jesus.  They were doing street evangelism.

I have our friends' permission to share, but I'm afraid for them.  I've got some wonderful pictures that they've posted in the last few months.  But I'm too afraid to post them. 

I'm sharing this to let you know you can help them.  They've never asked for anything from us.  They showed us such love while we were in Ukraine, feeding us after every church service, going to buy special chips just so Sam would be happy.  They were so kind to us, embracing us as part of the body of Christ. 

I asked them if our church could help and we took up an offering on Sunday and sent it to them.  But then I also asked if it was safe for me to share about them on here.  I was given permission as they feel safe now. 

If you would like to help them at this time, please send a check to
 Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it UKRAINE

Can you please pray for them?  Can you imagine having to flee your home, your state and be homeless because of your belief in God and the freedom of religion?   Most of the staff are old enough to remember the Communist days, they want freedom not just for the sake of freedom but so that they can share the gospel freely.

Please pray for the Christians in Ukraine, many have been beaten, tortured and killed.   Pray for the orphans, we've heard of orphanages being targeted. 

Also please pray that God will protect the church and their homes.  Their church was a very nice building for that area, very functional and modern.  The members had worked together to pay for and to work on it.  They were understandably proud of what God had done for them through providing such a nice building that they used to reach the souls of their city.  After going through a building project here, I can understand how we would feel if we were in their shoes.  Yes a church is "just a building" but it is a building set apart for God's use.  And if you've gone through a building project, you have some "blood, sweat and tears" invested in that building!!!! 

And pray that God will supernaturally protect their homes.  We've had the experience of having to evacuate a few times because a hurricane was coming.  Once I remember being the last one our of the house, closing the door and wondering if we'd ever see our home again.  I'm sure they had the same feeling as they were leaving. 

My husband and I have such a love and connection to these folks.  We may never see them again this side of heaven but we believe God brought us together with them for a reason.  Maybe this is the reason, so we can help them in this time of great need. 

Please consider donating to help them as they are away from their homes and jobs.  (Most of them were bi-vocational)  They are in a country torn apart by war.  Let me tell you there is so much more going on that what you see in the news.  I follow some Ukraine sites, as well as hear first and second hand reporting of what is going on and it is bad. 

Please pray and help your fellow believers!!!!


Today we were able to go and visit Jon's dad who is now in a rehab.  he is beginning to be able to walk again.  This last sickness was hard on him but he is working hard at regaining ground.  He is a fighter!  Thanks for your prayers for him.  He is loved!

As you can see Sam is happy that Pa Pa is better!

the kids being so good.....
this picture is from early this morning.  House sitting is such hard work LOL
Steve came home and curled up with Sam and they both went to sleep!

Selah's nurse had her in her 4th of July outfit.  A tshirt given to her by my roomie on our way home from Ukraine ( we met in the airport in DC)  and a cute jean skirt that is 2nd hand but adorable!!!

Selah always pays attention to daddy.  She will ignore me and then respond to him.  It's so cute.  She always loved him and it still shows. 

She was looking the other way and as soon as he said her name, she turned to him & looked straight at him.  she hadn't seen him since the day before yesterday as she was asleep when he got home last night.  So it was clear she was glad to see him. 

Please pray for her, surgery on her hip is Tuesday.  I am absolutely dreading it for her.  She HATES to be in the hospital and truly understands she is not at home.  Please pray for peace and manageable pain after the surgery. 

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