Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm her Mmmmmm

Well I am continuing my daily walk/exercise plan and trying to eat in moderation at home.  We don't have a scale at home so I have to weigh myself at our grocery store.  For some reason all Publix grocery stores have the FRONT of the store so everyone can see how much you weigh LOL!  This morning I thought I would die as I began the walk.  Last night I had to take an anxiety pill.  I have no idea why, nothing was going on which is usually how it works LOL.  The times when things are nutso, I don't need a pill, it's the quiet that scares me I guess!!!   Anyhow the pill doesn't make me sleepy when I take it BUT when I go to sleep, I can hardly wake up and I feel sleepy the next day.  Well I pushed myself to get up this morning and go and I did it. By the time I was finished, all that "hang over" feeling was gone.  Although I actually did take a nap late this afternoon & it was nice!

Tonight I baked bbq chicken legs, green beans, baked beans, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese.  It was good comfort food.  One thing I notice is the kids are happier & satisfied when they have a good meal at home.  Plus then we have nice left overs for lunch!

So today was just a busy day for me.  Drove to Lakeland to meet with the church's accountant.  While there I went grocery shopping, big day LOL

So not much happening around here.  Selah seems to be fine again, don't know what the little episode was, we think it was just a little upset tummy. 

Really thought I had a blog to write but I'm sleepy and Sarah wants mommy to hold her, NOT the laptop:)  I love holding my little girl, wondering what goes through her mind as she reaches to touch my face and smiles.  So thankful she's in my lap not in an orphanage tied to a bed.  How she could be so loving, I can't understand.  But every time I look at her, I marvel that she is my sweet girl.  Now she calls for me, a little Mmmm sound that is trying to be a Mommy sound.  So glad I'm her Mmmmmm  :) 


  1. Bravo ! Go go go ! don't give up on the way ! :)

    We french people, hardly eat out compared to americans. We eat our meals as a family around the table. We cook from scratch most of the time. But we don't offer as much food on a table ! We would have had Mac & cheese plus salad with the chicken but nothing more
    or the chicken +green beans + mashed potatoes
    or the baked beans perhaps on toast with cheese on top and a salad on the side
    You have a lot of work getting all these things ready for a meal !
    Mind you I would love to eat at your house and enjoy all of this food ! :)
    ;) ;) ;)

    1. I grew up southern and my family cooked BIG meals, at least 2 meats every meal. With as big as our family is, it helps to have lots of sides and then I have left overs for their lunches. So today they have left overs from last night. Plus Jon can take food to work with him. Come visit us:)

    2. I always have left overs :) Like cooking more potatoes eating them warm and the next time cold as a salad or grilled. In fact I steam cook alot and I am very lasy so I always cook more :)
      perhaps you might like salads of all kinds with our good salad dressing ! :) Without I would find it difficult to eat. Salad dressing and mixed herbs with carrots or raw beetroot etc... mmmm

      I can't go out without a wheel chair. So I have at home a power plate. It compensates :) I will think of you walking while I do it ! :)

    3. Can you tell me the recipes for your salad dressings? I make a few, the ones in the stores have so many preservatives in them. I'm always on the look out for some more ideas

    4. I make a big set at a time because as I told you I am lasy :)
      And I just put things in as I feel. But the base of it is 1/3 of vinegar (all kins except white vinegar) 2/3 of oil, a bit of olive oil a bit of sunflower oil... they say it is best to mix different kind of oils. Then I add some soya sauce,(if soya sauce, I don't add salt, but you can avoid the sauce and just put some salt) a bit of mustard, pepper, garlic, (you can adjust the taste with a bit of sugar). Then I mix it all with the food mixer.
      I love salad dressing ;) And I love eating salads for lunch ! When I am alone, I do fresh salad + tomatoes+ cucumber + gratted cheese + diced ham , herbs sprinkled over and salad dressing. I eat it with two slices of bread, then I have a fruit. I finish up with a cup of ricorée and two squares of chocolate and almonds.. niam !
      But I could never eat as much salads without salad dressing ! :)

  2. I just want you to know you motivated me to get up and go for a walk this morning! I thank you!! It helps that we are having a cool, dry morning in RI. Unusual for the end of July!! :)

    1. I'm glad I did:) this morning I got up at 6:30 and walked so it wouldn't be so hot. I finished before the sun got up good and it was much easier.

  3. would you like me to share why I bought a power plate ? I have the mail of a friend explaining how she did... She lost 20 years in 18 month ! But I must do it on your e-mail :)

  4. I have just looked up conversions... so you have to loose 22 kg ! pffffffffffff. I am finding it ever so hard to loose 3kg ! (6 pounds).
    I am 5 foot 7 and weigh at the moment 149 pounds. I would like to get back to my weight before being I got sick, end of 2010. I went down to 85 pounds and with the medecines up to a 156. But before i turned 45, I aways weighed 110.
    So I feel so puffed up... Very hard to see ones body change so much, and suddenly putting on weight just looking at food ! ;)
    I really want to encourage you and do my best on my side. :)