Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Library Day

Last week I looked at the colors for the siding, floors, counters and cabinets for the new house.   Well don't laugh at me but thankfully they had the SAME colors/styles we have now.  I'm so predictable when it comes to house styles.  We live in a grey/white house and I really like the color so why change things?  When we moved into the church parsonage, I chose all the colors/style except for the outside and I like what I chose, so why change LOL.  I doubt that they've ever had anyone make their selections so quickly:)  The guys (the builders) were laughing at me as I quickly decided the colors.  It was quite easy.  I HATE having a ton of choices, it makes things too hard. 

So the outside will be lite grey siding and grey doors.  the inside will be medium color wood floors, tan tile in the bathrooms and laundry room and kitchen. The kitchen cabinets will be real wood!  The same color as the ones I have now but much nicer.   And the counter tops are tan speckled , like the ones in our kitchen now.  Then the majority of the house will be painted cream with the exceptions of Sarah's room PINK and Selah's lite PURPLE.   I may paint Sam's room blue but I think Steve and Shad want cream with black furniture.   We are having fun looking at the house plans and figuring out how we are going to decorate. 


Selah continues to do well after her surgery.  Tomorrow she has her follow up appointment and I think the doctor will be happy with how well she is doing. I'm sooo glad this surgery and most of the recovery is over!!!

On the other hand, our internet has been nutty!  We had someone come out and work on it and even put in a new dish but it's done no good.  Currently I'm at a library to do this blog and am just amazed by how people live with "high speed internet"  LOL  Us country folks can't imagine!!!!

Tonight we have Orientation at the college where Steve is accepted.  He will be going to a community college that has just become a State college in our county.  It's not far from our home and his grant/scholarships will cover all the charges!  My husband started out at a community college before he transferred to a 4 year school.  It seems like a good middle of the road decision for him and of course I'm thrilled he is going to be at home:)

We have 80 of our 100 work hours done for Habitat for Humanity.  Hopefully by this weekend, we'll have them all done as I plan to work with him on Friday so that's double hours:)  Thanks for all the messages I got regarding the need for the volunteer hours to be done before Steve can actually start working for HH as a real employee.  If you live in our area, and can give some time to either the Zephyrhills Restore Thrift store or the Dade City Restore Thrift Store, we'd appreciate it!   You can go in and sign up, their hours are Mon-Sat 9-5!  

Also another favor to ask.....could you join this site?   There is a box on the right side of my blog.  If you have google, twitter or several other accounts you can join.  Then you get notified when there is a new post.  Also you can go down on the right side of the blog and right below that, you can sign up to follow by email.  I have a lot of readers, thousands a day but not as many followers although I know many of you follow me regularly.  (oh my gosh does that sound odd LOL) 

The last few nights I've had wonderful blogs written in my head.....LOL but they never got to the page:) 

Hope you all are having a good week!

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