Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little Boy

Recently I was contacted about a little boy in the US who needs a home.  Let me share about him.

He is a 4 years old bi-racial child.  He was a "shaken baby".  He is considered non verbal but is starting to make sounds.  He can't sit on his own but has started rolling over.  He uses a wheelchair.  He has a gtube and gets 4 meds a day. He is delayed but a very happy cuddly little boy.  Currently he is in medical foster care.  The mom is unable to take him home because she is young and having financial problems.  She does not feel she can give him the life he deserves.  His father is in prison.  The mom is willing to give up custody and wants to do a private adoption.  She wants to be in his life to some extent.   If you are interested you may reach   or call her at 813 777 0885.   There are costs involved as this will be a private adoption, probably between $10-12,000 if you live in Florida.  I'd love to hear that he gets his forever family!!!!


Today was a great day for me:)  One of my friends and I got to spend the whole day together.  It was a "Mom's Day Out".  Usually when I go out, I only go for a couple of hours so this was a real treat for me!  We went out for breakfast and then shopped (mostly looked around) and then had a late lunch together.  Recently I had seen a suede type brown jacket at a store.  I'd almost bought  it several times so today I laid out a "fleece" before the Lord that if it was there, I was supposed to buy it!  LOL It was there!!!!   So I bought it!!!!  Now I have to wait a few months till it gets cool enough to wear it!    (a fleece is a term for asking for a sign from God like Gideon did in the Old Testament and I was kidding about the fleece....although in MY mind I laid it out LOL) 

I ran into a friend who I hadn't seen in years and she told me that her young husband Melvin, only 40 years old, had suffered a massive heart attack a few weeks ago.   Melvin has had many setbacks on the road to recovery and has had to be put back on a vent.  PLEASE pray for him and for my friend and her two boys.  There are so many things going on for them.  Thank you for your prayers for this sweet family.  What really got me as she was sharing with me, tears came to her eyes and her teenage son just wrapped his arms around her and loved on her!  What a sweet sweet family. 

Thanks for your prayers and hope you are having a great week!

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