Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Only 11 weeks......

Awwwww my laptop is back home and we got to eat lunch with some of my fav people who brought it home to me!  Then our friends left and the boys and I watched the end of "Sherlock Holmes" which was really good.  I had a kitten on my lap and Shad curled up by me if it got too scary:)  You can't beat that!

We have had a rainy day with more rain coming.  It's seem this year has been really rainy and that makes me happy.  Rainy days make me feel cozy. 

Our A/C was finished late yesterday and we moved back home.  It was great sleeping in my own bed and not on the church floor on an air mattress!  Plus Jon's snoring is better than Sam peeing on me LOL!  I really appreciate Pattie Electric for helping us baby the parsonage and the church's a/c for the last 9 years.  They've done so much for our church.  And they pushed our situation to the top of the pile this week so the kids would have air since this is the middle of July in Florida and our house is not made to live in without A/C!!!!!!

Yesterday I got a chance to drive by the property and look what was happening......

The old house and shed are gone!  We also drove by today to show our friends and there is just a tiny bit remaining.  Can't wait to see the property all cleared and the dirt being brought in.   Construction starts on October 1st!  ONLY 11 weeks!  Wow!  That really does not seem long from now at all! 
Looks like one of my favorite trees will have to be cut down and I'm so sad about it but it seems to be rotten.  I love big old trees but it would be near Selah's room and we don't want to take any chances.
Selah is doing great, she's had Physical Therapy this week and has really handled things great.  I'm so glad that the decision to do the surgery was made and we did it quickly, it was positively the right thing to do for her for the long run.  It's a relief that she has recovered as well as she has, we are all thankful.  Honestly, I was quite worried.  Now I feel like a load has been lifted!  Again I just have to say thank you for your prayers!
Hope you all are having a good week!

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