Thursday, July 17, 2014

Plane Shot Down in/near Torez Ukraine

 Earlier today I began getting messages and texts about the plane that crashed in Ukraine.  I turn on FOX news and I see the name of the town Torez.....that town is dear to me.  It is where we adopted the girls from, where we lived for 5 weeks, where we walked the streets, played in the park, attended the local church....where we made friends. 

I'm trying to get confirmation of the exact area that the plane crashed in, some news organizations are calling it  Hrabove or Grabove but most are calling it Torez.  Knowing that area somewhat, I am thinking that it was shot down very very close to the girls institution, as the institution was on the far edge of Torez.   As you can imagine, this is just heartbreaking to me.  Any loss of life is just horrible to imagine.  I pray that God will bring comfort to the families of the victims.  Then to think that this violence came from an area of Ukraine that we love so very much is hard to imagine.

I'm just glued to the tv and internet at this point....

SURELY NOW the world must take notice and help Ukraine!!!!   It is obvious that the missile that shot down this passenger plane came from Russia.  The world must do something to stop this!!!!

Please keep the country of Ukraine and the family of these innocent people in your prayers. 


  1. Apparently it wasn't Russia, it was insurgent separatists. Whatever the case, it is call for international attention.

  2. The missiles & the launcher were probably supplied by Russia, if not then it is equipment stolen from Ukraine by the fighters. The fighters, many are Russians who have come across the borders. Russia supports the I put this tragedy at the feet of Putin.