Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick Happy Update

Selah is doing great!  She is having very little pain and it's been managed.  She's been needing a little extra oxygen but that's ok.  Selah's not on an narcotics but still this whole ordeal has been a lot on her. We are so thankful that she has such an easy time with this surgery.  Please keep praying for her. 

The nurses had her in her wheelchair this morning for a little while and she did ok.  She may go home tomorrow, we'll see....

Today I drove home for a few hours.  Boy were Sam and Sarah glad to see me!  Sam kept coming to me and hugging me & giving one of his "kisses" which includes lots of mouth and a little teeth on my cheek LOL!  He also wanted to hold my hand. 

OH!  Sam has been saying DAD!  He said it years ago, and then quit.  He says it in a whisper.  I've not heard him do it yet but he's done it two nights in a row for Jon.  Sam only says Ma, Mama NO, and Noooo.  It really touched Jon's heart to hear him say it. 

This morning Sarah was mad at me at first, she actually balled up her fists.  She does that when she is ticked off!  I got her up and gave her a bath then I was her best friend again.  Let's just say she didn't look like she usually does.  Daddy & big brother don't do hair! 

Shad had been with me this week but I took him home today, he is a help to Steve.

As you can imagine, I'm in debt to Steve for watching the little ones while I'm here and Jon's at work.  He really does a great job except for Sarah's hair.  He even had the house straightened up and had changed the poop box for Shad  (Shad wanted kittens....Shad does the poop box, that's the rule!)   Steve is busy planning a camping trip with friends this weekend so he knows there is light at the end of the tunnel!

This has been the least stressful hospital stay for Selah and me.  She has just handled things so well and I've had a friend there for me.    My college roommate and her family now live in Tampa so I've been staying with them at night and having a friend to be there is just great!  

Thank you all again for the prayers for Selah. 


  1. This is a happy update!! I've been stalking your blog all day waiting to hear more! Now it's worth the stalking and the wait! It would nice for you to all be home for the weekend....especially if Steve is going's so great that he is such an awesome help to you and Jon! I hope he has a wonderful camping trip!

  2. Still praying for Selah's healing!! Hope all is well there and that perhaps you are home!!