Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sunday!
Hearing good news from Ukraine.

Please keep praying for the people of Ukraine!

Yesterday Steve and I both worked at Habitat for Humanity's Restore (thrift store)   Steve has done about 50 hours there & really enjoys working with the folks.  I had a great time too, really got some good laughs in.  Also got 10 books for Selah's hospital stay, including a very scary Stephen King book.  I've already started reading it but I know I won't be able to read it at night!  LOL    During hospital stays it is a blessing to be able to read.  One thing that was so weird, after Selah's accident, I could not focus enough to read for months.  Just so you know, I'm one of those book devourers... But during the first couple of months, I couldn't' read anything.  After a while I could read books that were very light.  It was such an odd reaction to the whole experience.   Well I've bought 10 books for her stay so I should have plenty to read!

Today Steve is out kayaking with some friends.  To be honest, I am nervous!  No adults are going with them and it is a long river.  For some reason, no one wanted the grownups to go LOL!  I'll be glad for him to get home safely.  Makes me long for the play dates of long ago at Chuck E Cheese or the playground!   My friend and I kid around that we'd like to keep our kids in an underground bunker and bubble wrap them if they step foot out the door!  Unfortunately it just doesn't work like that! 

Jon will have Monday off since his regular days off are Friday and Saturday and Friday was a holiday....YEAH!   We will be able to relax some!  Having Monday off is a good way to start a week

Hope you have a good week- please pray for Selah as she has surgery on Tuesday.

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  1. I also find in times of crisis, I can't read for pleasure. When my dad passed away, it was probably 8 months before I could sit down and read a book.